Weekly AMA with Zine Laabidine Rezig, CEO, founder, software architect and lead developer of 3DCoin / Project Districts, held on Friday 15 November 2019. This is a weekly AMA, so every week, every Friday, unless exceptional cases that will be communicated in advance, or unexpected events, an AMA will take place in our official international/english Telegram group. Do not hesitate to participate in the next Friday's AMA, we are waiting for you! Telegram group: https://t.me/Project_Districts ️ Please note Some questions and answers could be selected and partly reworked and listed in different order or grouped by topic for editorial reasons and in general for better readability and usability, in short, an editorial cut is given but without the intention of distorting the meaning and the content. Some questions are transversal to the various main topics so they have been grouped under a topic that has been considered suitable but could also be read in reference to other topics. 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However, the entire original AMA can be viewed in full, starting from the following message in the official Telegram group: https://t.me/Project_Districts/64515 This AMA event has also been added to CoinMarketCal and Coindar cryptocurrency calendars: https://coinmarketcal.com/en/event/weekly-ama-27874 https://coindar.org/en/event/3dcoin-3dc-ama-on-telegram-24903 https://coinscalendar.com/event/3dcoin-3dc-weekly-ama We are happy to note as always some hearts / likes in our Coindar event, demonstration that our 3DCoiners love our events and appreciate the 3DC presence on this excellent cryptocalendar! https://coindar.org/en/event/3dcoin-3dc-ama-on-telegram-24903 As happened for the previous AMA, this time too during the previous days the users of the Telegram group had the chance to post their questions in advance, so a list of questions was prepared to be answered at the beginning of the AMA. Then of course further questions were asked live during the AMA. The list of questions collected before the AMA is available at this direct link in our Telegram group: https://t.me/Project_Districts/64515 Brief overview of the topics of this AMA This AMA took place after some critical days for 3DCoin Project Districts as in the days before some splitchain problems of 3DC blockchain had forced the team to patch the protocol urgently and to release two consecutive updates (12 and 13 November 2019 releases) of the 3DCoin Core, so a great commitment from users and especially from masternodes operators were requested for the numerous and continuous updates and to restore the 3DCoin great masternodes network (one of the largest networks in the world for number of nodes) which in a few days has returned to having thousands of active masternodes. As is well known, 3DCoin POSync (Proof Of Sync) protocol is an experimental "first industry" protocol managed only by the masternodes, so it is physiological that these problems can occur in such a young network (less than two years from the genesis block) but above all with such a new protocol activated by just over 7 months. But the 3DC team and the great 3DCommunity as always at every hitch prove to know how to face and solve the problem in a few days or even a few hours. So this AMA has been very focused on these network problems that occurred in the days before and on the updates related to the programmed fork of the upcoming 850k block, much awaited for the big news and innovative features that will lead both to our project and to the whole masternodes sector but even to the crypto industry in general (all focused also on the construction of the great Virtual Reality and immersive technologies dapps platform of Project Districts powered by the 3DCoin blockchain). Important technical details about the 3DC POSync protocol, about the instant transaction validation that will be introduced with the fork and the new upcoming wallet in Java were also discussed in this AMA. Some questions also concerned the expected feature of the "tokens" (a kind of NFTs) that will represent "the ownership of the nodes" in the future, transferable via the 3DC wallet and combined with the innovative "smart scripts" with which 3DCoin will introduce interesting news also in the sector of "smart contracts". AMA's Questions and answers Questions and answers related to the network problem occurred in the previous days, to the upcoming 3DCoin fork/update, to the Masternodes and Proof Of Sync consensus Question: Can you tell us what the issue was causing the forks? Answer: The forks caused by the fail-safe built in POSync mining in case of network attacks. ️ Note: The question refers to the involuntary splitchains that happened recently and have already been solved with the recent updates. The "POSync mining" mentioned in the answer is the first industry consensus protocol "Proof Of Sync" by 3DCoin based exclusively on the 3DC masternodes, a protocol that we consider a kind of "eco-friendly mining" as based on the synchronization activity carried out by the nodes and not on the concept of "stake". Question: Will there be an upgrade to block 850,000? Answer: Yes. Question: How far ahead will you release the wallet for the hardfork? Answer: The hard fork will be released in time including the instant transaction validation. Question: Whats the basic VPS setup after the 850k block to be eligible for the full blockreward, how does the system recognize a "bad" VPS? Answer: The score is calculated using transactions seen by the masternode, if your node has networking problems or down time that will affect the node score and the payment percentage. Question: The instant tx validation comes with the 850k fork? Do you think exchanges will adopt it aka they will lower the required confirmations? Is it the instant tx safe? Answer: Yes, we expect exchanges to use the instant transaction features because all the network will participate to confirm the tx. Question: After an 850k VPS plug, will the server be more powerful? Answer: It depends on the network load and the dapps hosted in Primenodes. We are trying to optimize the code to avoid unnecessary hardware upgrade. Question: Will the masternodes tokens be visible in the 3DCoin wallet? Before or after the 850k block fork? Answer: That is another update for tokenizing the masternodes, not the 850k fork but after. ️ Note: The question refers to the tokens that will represent in the future the "ownership of the nodes" which will be precisely tokenized as already mentioned in the previous AMAs. Development and project general questions and updates Question: When will 3DCoin switch from the current QT core wallet to something different? Answer: We are developing an alternative to the QT wallet in Java, we will present the new 3DCoin wallet as a second wallet and keep the QT of course. Question: Will the Java wallet be able to transact the tokens or the QT wallet as well? Answer: Both. ️ Note: The question refers to the tokens that will represent in the future the "ownership of the nodes" which will be precisely tokenized as already mentioned in the previous AMAs. Do not hesitate to participate in the next Friday's AMA, we are waiting for you! 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