Further important news about nodes (masternodes/primenodes, collaterals, nodes NFT) have been introduced in the last AMA of 10 January 2020 AMA log of 10 January 2020: https://3dctalk.net/topic/1272/ama-log-10-january-2020 so this topic becomes OBSOLETE and is now CLOSED, please follow each AMA on Friday on our official Telegram group (normally at hours 21-23 UTC +4) to be updated as the new updates are communicated directly in AMA. The logs of the AMAs are always published the day after the live AMA or at the latest within a couple of days after the AMA and can be found in the following section of this forum: https://3dctalk.net/category/24/ama-logs Check also the forum with the "ama" tag to find also the links to the AMAs monthly recaps published on our Medium: https://3dctalk.net/tags/ama For any doubts, do not hesitate to ask in our usual official contact channels: Telegram official (international / english only) https://t.me/Project_Districts Discord official https://discord.gg/4CSmbSK