Social activities required for true strong 3DCoiners! So... for those who missed... yesterday a new article was published on our official Medium about the first 6 months of our "Proof of Sync", the new first industry full masternodes only consensus by 3DCoin based exclusively on 3DC masternodes without traditional POW/mining and without classic POS/staking! The article also talks about the new achievement of 7k masternodes! The article is published on Medium, if you have an account please clap on Medium with the maximum claps (at least 50 claps for each of you thanks! ) Medium full link: Medium short link: The same article was shared on the various platforms and social networks we use, in particular Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook. Every 3DCoiner can do so much to spread the project, so sharing and appreciating with likes where possible is one of the best ways to do it! Each of you is important and can do a lot for the project! If you have the opportunity to share the Medium link on Telegram groups or Discord servers of which you are part and where it is not considered spam it is obviously also a good way to make the project known. Here are all the links of the various platforms and social networks: Medium ...please share where you can also on Telegram groups and Discord servers where allowed and don't forget at least 50 claps on Medium!!! Twitter ...please like and retweet Instagram ...please like ️ Reddit ...Redditors please upvote! ️ Facebook ...please like and share ️ Thank you all for your commitment!