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    I chose the general section, I do not know if I have chosen well but can always be moved to a more suitable section ... 😉
    Well... we all know that our favorite crypto-team 😎 does not lack ideas and have amply demonstrated it (and the current logo contest is truly a great demonstration!) but I think that with the due modesty and without the need to be urgent we could from time to time try to give some suggestions in this post on possible future initiatives, if you like the idea I start, it is ideas already reported in the Telegram group and also to the staff directly but I think that if we put everything that comes to mind in a single topic the team can have a collection of possible initiatives on which reason and from which to draw ideas. It seems like a good way to help these guys who do a great job.
    Here are my first idea for marketing... with so much time to prepare it... 😅 a nice 3D race simulator of F1 and/or supercars (rented from specialized companies) and sponsored with the (next) logo of the DISTRICTS / 3DCoin and positioned on the occasion of the following two events... maybe with a contest to win tickets to the races... 🏎🏎🏎

    November 2018 (Abu Dhabi F1 GP)

    January 2019 (Dubai 24H Endurance Series)

    I thought of those locations because it would be more comfortable for the team obviously because play "at home", but initiatives of this kind with the 3D simulators could be organized in occasion of events related also to the field of motorcycles 🏍 🛵 aircraft industry ✈🚁 🛸 or of course events related to gaming!!! 🕹👾😀 😎

    How about? Do we help the guys with our ideas from time to time to introduce Districts and 3DCoins to the world? Come on people! We do our part! 😉 😉 😉

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    I think it will be great to do some "product placement" in futuristics movies. Of course the cost of such promotions should be taken into count


    This is a great idea, not sure how expensive it would be though? Another idea is we could put up community sponsored bounties - that is, we nominate job/task to be done and a 3DC reward, this way we can all chip in a small amount from say MN rewards, and outsource marketing/advertisement to crypto influencers or advertisement costs.

    The teams coins are locked, and also a % of the pre-sale and ICO. We can help by setting up community funded bounties to push development and marketing along faster.

    E.g. - TASK: Create new 3DC Video. REWARD: 2000 3DC
    Donate to bounty reward "Address" (Admin holding in escrow).
    Reward target reached: 75%

    Once the total bounty reward has been staked by the community, than the task can be adopted by the community to complete along with specific criteria.

    The topic could be something like "Community Bounties" - with Admins approving ideas, reward amounts, escrow of donations to the reward bountry, and distributing to those that accept the bounties.

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    @mickbit Very good idea, I will discuss this with the team tonight.

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    Well, ideas start coming out! ☺ Yesterday I also thought that when the mobile wallet is ready, you could have specialized wallet printers made some 3D paper wallets (cardboard cubes, cardboard pyramids, various 3D cardboard shapes) that shopkeepers could request for free and with free shipping (for example, shop owners of gaming or audio / video products), this should be advertised for example in the sites dedicated to gaming or audio / video, perhaps even in some paper magazine of the sectors. A 3D paper wallet could be exposed in the store that will accept payments in 3DCoin, to be functional I think it should have a sort of "window" on one side where it is easy to replace QR codes so that the shopkeeper can easily change his address wallet and protect his privacy. Moreover, having the QR on one side the shopkeeper who does not want to expose his address to all could turn the face of the cube or the pyramid with the QR code to an invisible side of his sales counter. You could also put a revolving support so that it is only turned at the time of payment. On the other faces of the 3D paper wallet you could put various advertisements of Districts and 3DCoins of course. This rather trivial idea could serve to make 3DCoin a payment system in real shops, provide a free "accessory" to put in store that can be used to be paid with a new cryptocurrency and advertise it in sites and magazines in areas such as gaming and multimedia audio / video could entice retailers to request it since it is free and could serve to push the adoption of 3DCoin also as a simple means of payment to regardless of its use in Project Districts. Such a thing obviously can make sense only when there will be a mobile wallet with which you can pay in 3DCoin simply using your smartphone. So it can be an idea for the future. I do not think it requires a large investment in terms of realization, perhaps it would be the advertising part to be more expensive, but you could also select some big stores in the world specialized in the sectors that I was saying and send these 3D paper wallets directly to them without them requesting it.

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    brilliant idea !!

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    @michele1it said in Marketing suggestions from the Community...:


    My thought is actually -privacy is the last feature we should shill. Because you know what is happening to privacy coins now - delisting from exchanges due to regulations. And that is only the beginning

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    Smart Idea, could be started as coadvertising with a game developer / hardware producer...

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    @firefox_it said in Marketing suggestions from the Community...:

    Smart Idea, could be started as coadvertising with a game developer / hardware producer...

    Would be great !!! 💪 😎 👍

  • There could be more intencitivized promotion for the community. A good general referral program could do wonders to help grow this community

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