Gpu solo mining?

  • Hello was wondering if there was a way to solo mine this coin with GPUs? Thanks

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    @centel you must setup your own pool.
    Instructions here:

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    I am curious. If I set-up a pool so that I can solo mine. Can I also make that pool available to others? (I guess that wouldn't exactly be solo mining then would it?) I guess I'm trying to wrap my head around exactly what resources would be required to set-up a mining pool and if it might be worth it to run one? i.e. collect the 1% of all the mining done on it? Could it be set-up on a VPS?

    Thanks in advance for your time. I am getting very interested in all of this. I have mined over 4000 3DC coins with just my CPU (Intel i7-7820X) over the last couple of months. But now I have been setting up masternodes with the coins and I have just built my first GPU miner using GPU Shack and their ethOS. Wondering if that was really the right way to go. I'm open to installing a different version of Linux on the rig if it makes more sense. I only have 2 - 1070 ti GPUs on it at the moment.

    But very interested in building out infrastructure and passive income. I may try setting up this personal pool for myself to start with.


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