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    ▶ Project Districts stemmed from a passion to create a boundless environment where real-world limitations and shortcomings are rendered invalid – In this world ‘possibility is the watchword. We wanted a system that nullified traditional barriers to innovation, one that went on to replace such limitations with the necessary tools needed to innovate, create and condensate ideas into workable solutions.

    ▶ To create this world, the Districts development team recruited the services of two innovative technologies, the blockchain, and Virtual Reality - each disruptive in its own right. Project Districts leverages the core efficiencies of these two pioneers of 21st-century innovation, to create an immersive virtual ecosystem, complete with virtualized real-life entities existing in a real-time interactive environment. This synergistic manipulation of the Blockchain and Virtual reality is an industry first, more importantly, however, it is one that allows us to integrate a diverse range of functionalities into the Districts 3D world.

    ▶ Ultimately, Project Districts will be a thoroughly robust ecosystem where productivity, recreation, and innovation come to roost, much similar to the real world, only this time without its associated complexities. Our goal is to be the worldʼs first ubiquitous interface for propagating traditional and ethereal experiences to both the everyday internet user and the tech-savvy geek.

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Can users of the project districts community be ambassadors for the dissemination of services and content? If this is possible, will there be any awards?

  • District vision is just awesome and i know that in time to come, it is going to be a revolution. Combining blockchain and VR is just cool . Thumbs up team for a great work

  • Global Moderator

    Great vision! When I discovered this project and the way it unites the two worlds, I realized that it was a project to be supported and followed over time, for so long! Above all what I tried to make known to those who did not know it is that unlike other projects or ICOs dealing with 3D / VR / AR and that are nothing more than marketplace of content and related tokens (that run on the Ethereum network in most cases) in the case of DISTRICTS we talk about a true 3D / AR / VR environment for dapps / smartcontracts that runs on its own blockchain and with its own coin (not a token!). Another world, the world of 3D Districts!!!

  • Great Vision of the use of blockchain Technology combinated to VR world!

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