selling 24000 3DC

  • Hi all!
    I am selling 24000 3DC right now. Prices:
    1-3000 3DC - 0.35$/3DC
    3001-10000 3DC - 0.3$/3DC
    10001+ - 0.27$/3DC

    How will I sell? There are 2 variants:

    1. You will send me the final amount of BTC based on how many 3DC you want. I will send you your coins.
    2. You will find an escrow in the face of Districts devs (mods here) and we will be working with them. But in this case, I will increase my price by 10% and you will have to pay for them if it will be needed.

    PM me here if you are interested in it.

    Guys, please do not talk about my price and other things. If you do not want - just leave this thread. Thanks for your understanding.

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