3Dcoin Mining

  • Mining on the 3DCoin blockchain is via a proof of work algorithm – designed to decrease the probability of creating two similar blocks in the same instance. This is achieved by running a set of unique block data through The Keccak hashing algorithm .

    The progress of the mining and partition of the rewards started only after the block 2500 where the block reward was 25 3DC and partition was such as 10% for the masternode and 90% for the Mining, And it remain like this until the block 41812 after this block the partition becomes 15% masternode 85% mining until block 45000, where the reward block becomes 16 3dc partitioned such as 35% masternode 65% mining until block 46000, and after block 46000 up to 470000 the block reward remains 16 3DC but the partition becomes 55% masternode 45% mining.

    After the block 47000 the rewards still remains 16 3DC but the partition becomes 75% masternode 25% mining and it will stay as it's


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