Stratum connection failed

  • So I finally got the cc-miner to run using the batch file on my windows machine. But it is saying "Stratum connection faiiled: Failed to connect to port 5135: Timed out...retry after 30 seconds".

    Then it retries but never connects.

    I'm assuming I need to open the port? I might try googling how to do that.

    If anyone knows what I need to do a response would be most gratefully accepted 🙂


  • Well I opened port 5135 for both incoming and outbound connections and it still times out. Is there something else I'm missing?

  • I noticed in another post PORT 5133 was mentioned. It seems to be working for me! Woo Hoo! So I believe I'm officially up and running at the moment.

    I will update once I am certain.


  • I'm getting a high number of rejected shares. At first I thought it would self adjust but it has not done that. Does anyone know how to fix "reject reason: Invalid share"?

    Thanks in advance.