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    @khaled_punisher Hi Khaled, I was really excited when I thought you are the winner, but when the team found more than 10 accounts created using the same VPN provider, Now im disappointed. 😞


    All these accounts have the same DigitalOcean VPS IP

  • i know only 3 of them (0DAV , ZIZUI, samir)
    all of those are real friends of min and I did invite them all ( privet FB messages) "if u want screenshot"
    oups.. who cares now You got your winner and your italian community....whatever i say...

    • I had a bad feeling when i got 5 votes ahead "37 and he was 32" i didnt who the hell voted for me, after one hour i got 2 downvote it took a lot of reputation of my profile, thats not normale downvote "you know waht i mean" and u know who only can downvote"
      and he become 37 omg 5 real people in 1 hour 🙂 damn man
      then i knew i will win ###
      anyway who did this nasty thing and frame me somehow he knows himself .
      This is an experience in life, from which I learned many things "peace "
    • you know what's happen when you turnoff the modem and on it in algeria , and after every 24hours ( so if i want to play with dirt ,like i told you before,i'll got more than 100 votes,i will note use some shity vpn)
      this is my last login in this comic play

  • @khaled_punisher
    WHEN You say turn off the modem your are speaking about multiple IP but All Algerian IP , not one from america and other places , you can check by your self , if you don't know how i teach you, changing IP is a thing but using VPN FROM one SERVICE for all accounts is another thing !!!!
    check check them, and for your friends why did they use foreign IP ?

    and for the downvote you got just one down vote from one admin, he downvoted all logos that he didn't like, you can check .

  • @aminovvvv" I've told you i knew only 3 of them and they are a real People and the others who knows who created them with vpn like you said and voted for me : I do not blame anyone but I am sure its " ( f3aylna )

    about the downvote Its more than once next time be more specific about the contest's rules
    I've could change my arabic name
    for your knowledge i invited more than 40 people to register in this forum and a lot of them they didn't had a chance to vote
    and yes when i am free will take classes from you mrAmin about this stuff ani jahl
    try to add "deactivate option" in this forum or go delete mine i didn't find how

  • @khaled_punisher


    0_1533044770634_vote punisher.JPG

  • @khaled_punisher

    i don't say you did it but what I say , VPN = ban, you know them or not it's not my ptoblem, and it's not a problem of your arabic being MR, just check them by your self and be honest, don't talk like this your are angry .

    you know that in rules Just one fake account it's a ban.
    do not say nonsense !!! check before attacking people !!



    I'll let ya in on a tip...

    When people lie, they are often defensive and resort to "convincing statements" - red flag.

    No one said you created the fake accounts, but your reaction is of someone who assumes they are being blamed for it - red flag.

    Trying to escalate and change the focus away from facts and make it about race/prejudice - another red flag.

    A genuine reaction for would be confusion, and disappointment that others would cheat on their behalf - you dont show this sentiment.

    Also, don't you find it a bit off that you know in detail a specific number of your "friends" (three) connected to a VPN? Me personally, I have no idea how my friends connect to the internet let alone if they use a specific VPN. You go so far as to even say "your sure" you know who apparently "framed you".

    My opinion, you're lucky the admins don't ban you because unlike MTVFX you just haven't admitted to it.

  • @scamar said in Logo Contest Results:

    @scamar i like the braid one, in my opinion it was the more like and feel

    thank you. It means a lot to me. I really work hard on this project, but maybe next time... 🙂
    I like to thanks very much indeed for everyone who voted for my logo!

  • To draw the logo there were some rules to respect (just one logo, reflect the themes indicated) and apparently I only did it ... So if I had to vote for the completeness of the logo I would have to give the vote to anyone. If I had to vote only for the most beautiful I think I would have given the vote to KHALED. Unfortunately I was not allowed to vote... Anyway ... congratulations Asterix!!

  • @asterix Congrats you did i must confess

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