How to use 3DCoin web wallet. 1 send

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    How to use 3DCoin web wallet, an easy to use and secure wallet that can be used for all transactions.


    first you can generate a new address from + New Address (1) and then click on Generate (2)


    You can show your private key by clicking on Show (1) and Print your wallet details (2) . you can also save it as a PDF file to not lose your address details.

    Address details


    To send coins , you have to load your wallet first, by adding your Private key (1) and load it (2)


    In Inputs you will find your Balance , Amount.


    Now we are ready to send, go to Outputs (1) and then add the target address (2) the amount (3)
    Click on Submit (4), you will create your transaction hash.


    Now click on (2) Sign & Send (you will sign the transaction with your private key, and broadcast it )


    Send Transactions done your Transaction ID : (1)

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