New "CHAINSTATE" function in new updated 13.3.3 Core 3DCoin Wallet

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    An important new feature introduced in the last update of the core wallet 13.3.3 i.e. the chainstate function as an option of the daemon 3dcoind (3dcoind -reindex-chainstate) is useful to try to resolve various problems related to synchronization of blocks for example the problem when you get the message below in your masternode

    Error: Failed to connect best block

    The command must be given in the VPS as well:

    (All in a single command) ⬇

    3dcoin-cli stop && sleep 20 && 3dcoind -reindex-chainstate

    The sleep of 20 seconds is in excess of the security (normally 10 seconds after the stop of the 3dcoin-cli are sufficient but better to wait a bit more and avoid problems).

    You can use the standard full reindex (without the chainstate option) or reindex with the chainstate option if the masternode stucks (it remains stationary / locked to a certain block not synchronized), if you want to use the standard full reindex you can simply use the command up to reindex (included) without the need to also give chainstate then:

    3dcoin-cli stop && sleep 20 && 3dcoind -reindex

    To check if the block is synchronized to give the following command on the VPS

    3dcoin-cli getblockcount

    Or give:

    watch 3dcoin-cli getblockcount

    (With this last you can see the blocks scroll to stop at the latest) and to exit the screen and return to the terminal, use the CTRL key + the C key (control + c).

    ALWAYS HAVE THE PATIENCE TO WAIT a FEW MOMENTS after you give the reindex command (with or without -chainstate option) because it often remains a bit of a long time to zero (0) and then starts the synchronization. With option "chainstate" the command can give an error initially but if you have also in this case the patience to wait a little while you will see that will in sync with the last block.

    To know if you are in sync with latest block, compare the block appears at the end of the synchronization (3dcoin-cli getblockcount) with the last visible block on the explorer at

    📚 For further information on the two types of reindex, please refer to:


    @michele1it As always, great work again 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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    @mickbit Thank you, appreciation is always a pleasure! 😉


    It works!... 👍

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    @pep-tomas thank you for feedback 😉

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