[OBSOLETE] Implemented now the function of autoupdate for masternodes, HOWTO install from official SCRIPT

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    ⚠ New topic with new instructions here: ⚠


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    In the past few days the install.sh script for masternodes was updated on the Github of the project with the final implementation of the autoupdate function in masternode so for those who make new installations of masternodes with official script from now, the autoupdate function is installed through a crontab entry linked to a bash sh script that is installed in usr/local/bin/update.sh so at the next update in the future it should do everything by itself (I repeat for those who make new installations from now!). This does not mean that in the future, especially if the protocol is updated, at least a new restart (start) of the masternode is requested from the control wallet after the eventual autoupdate.

    For those wishing to install the autoupdate function (not to be confused with the update of the masternode published a couple of days ago!) you can proceed as follows:

    The installation script already provides an option that can be launched independently even if you are not doing a real installation so you can only install the autoupdate option on an already active masternode simply by running the install.sh script with the autoupdate option using the following two commands in the VPS terminal (with usual Putty or Bitvise)

    ✅ Start of first command ⬇

    curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BlockchainTechLLC/masternode/master/install.sh> install.sh

    ⬆️ End of first command 📌

    ✅ Start of second command ⬇

    bash install.sh -auto-update

    ⬆️ End of second command 📌

    At the script question you will have to answer S (even lower case "s") if you are installing the option on a single masternode or M (even lowercase "m") if you want to install it simultaneously on multiple masternodes (and follow the script instructions on the terminal screen).

    ⚠️ As already mentioned what described in this post install only autoupdate option for FUTURE UPDATES (does not install the update to the latest version 130303 which then must be done by official instructions published in recent days).

    For further informations see the official 3DCoin Masternode Repository on Github:

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    📌💻 Check version and verification autoupdate of masternode (how to check which version you have and if you have installed the autoupdate function of the masternode correctly).

    To see the installed version of the daemon and client in the masternode use the following commands on the VPS ⬇

    3dcoind -version

    3dcoin-cli getinfo

    It will tell you the current version (now is the 130303 the most updated).

    To see if you have autoupdate active (update sh script that activates itself as suggested in the official news forum release of today's 13-08-2018). Use the following commands:

    crontab -l

    (Attention, last is an L)

    If you see a line that ends with:


    Ok first step verified ✅

    Then give the command:

    cd / usr / local / bin && ls -al

    (they are all lowercase "L" not uppercase "i")

    If you see a file named update.sh listed

    Ok second step verified ✅

    (Both the two things you see with the above commands must correspond to what is indicated in this guide!).

    If for example in the string of the crontab found written "source update.sh" then ❌ not good ❌ in this case continue reading ⬇

    If you do not have #autoupdate active, then if the two steps ✅ do not match use the guide posted here in my first post above. ⬆


    @michele1it Thank you 🙂

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    @Zain @Pedro

    I was thinking ... the following string:

    find / -type d -name '3dcoin' -print

    contained in the update.sh script

    in new masternode installations (130303) it finds two directories
    (I give an example of installation performed on root)


    the command immediately following that is

    cd $dir

    will it use the first directory obtained from the previous command?

    Then it will use the root directory correctly 3dcoin?

    Or that new folder with the release notes can create some problems during the automatic execution of the update script programmed for automatic execution with the crontab?

    Sorry if my question is obvious and provides an answer as obvious but you know I'm just an enthusiast and not a dev! 🙂

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    As many of the Italian group know I have done various tests in recent weeks, even putting some of my masternodes under stress 😈 😂 in some I have activated the autoupdate three times in a row every night within half an hour and my masternodes they never had any problems, they continue to be active regularly, so I can confirm without any doubt that the autoupdate works very well. In addition to this I can also say that most of my masternodes in the occasion of the latest release 3DCoin Core v0.13.3.3 have been updated with this automatic system and everything worked perfectly. That is, the day before I set the autoupdate as described in the first post above and then I had a crontab that would launch the autoupdate at midnight and the next day I found the masternode regularly updated and enabled without the need for further action. So everything is working properly! 💪 😎 👍

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    For further security I also modified the crontab entry to get a log of what happened when the update was launched every night:

    00 00 * * * (date -u && /usr/local/bin/update.sh && date -u) » /var/log/update.log 2>&1

    You can see below a random log of my masternodes, do not pay attention to the time because in some to distinguish them I had moved the half hour time, what is important to understand from the log is that all times are in pairs, the script starts and after a second more or less stops because it has nothing to update, so it only does a check and nothing more, the masternode keeps running smoothly.
    As I said I used the automatic script connected to the crontab to update many of my masternodes to 3DCoin Core v0.13.3.3, everything went smoothly, so the script is effective, if there is a new version the script update, if there is not a new version the script does not create any problem.
    Another important thing, I also modified the script in one masternode by putting the -x ie
    #!/bin/bash -x
    in the first line of the update.sh, to have a debug log, all regular, even with a debug log there is no anomaly, in less than a second the script ends the check and the masternode continues to work regularly.
    Everything works well 💪 😎 👍

    update.sh LOG ⬇

    Wed Aug 22 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Wed Aug 22 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Thu Aug 23 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Thu Aug 23 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Fri Aug 24 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Fri Aug 24 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Sat Aug 25 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Sat Aug 25 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Sun Aug 26 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Sun Aug 26 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Mon Aug 27 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Mon Aug 27 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Tue Aug 28 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Tue Aug 28 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Wed Aug 29 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Wed Aug 29 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Thu Aug 30 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Thu Aug 30 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Fri Aug 31 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Fri Aug 31 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Sat Sep 1 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Sat Sep 1 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Sun Sep 2 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Sun Sep 2 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Mon Sep 3 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Mon Sep 3 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Tue Sep 4 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Tue Sep 4 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Wed Sep 5 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Wed Sep 5 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Thu Sep 6 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Thu Sep 6 22:30:02 UTC 2018
    Fri Sep 7 22:30:01 UTC 2018
    Fri Sep 7 22:30:03 UTC 2018

    ⬆️ My update script begins at 22,30 UTC because I'm in Italy (CEST time, UTC+2) and my crontab line is modified with 24,30 (00,30) hour (only for my tests, but one timetable is worth the other)

    30 00 * * * (date -u && /usr/local/bin/update.sh && date -u) » /var/log/update.log 2>&1

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    @michele1it nice good work I appreciate your activity

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    Today I realize that some masternodes in which I had deliberately left everything by default, I had not changed the default port SSH 22, I do not do periodic system reboots, I do not periodic Ubuntu system update, so I only installed masternode with official 3DC script (last version of August) and therefore they also have the official midnight 3DC autoupdate on board (crontab + sh update script by default, workin) they have passed abundantly the 100 days of activity in recent weeks
    It was a test I wanted to do to put myself in the shoes of the standard user who installs only with the original script and does not touch anything on the VPS, as far as I'm concerned the test is exceeded having exceeded 100 days of activity that was the goal I had given to understand if something was wrong, however it is also VPS Aruba 😅 (small VPS 1 giga with supported Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) Aruba that sometimes does some bad trick ... 😬😏 but in fact these have resisted over 100 days despite the recent maintenance of Aruba that last week had turned off some VPS 😱 (but these no, have been lucky 😅).
    I would say then that 100 days are a very positive uptime that make it clear that however the basic configuration is already sufficient to make the masternode work well and keep it alive without problems also for a not advanced or not expert masternode owner! 😎 👍

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    ⚠ Attention, topic obsolete. ⚠

    The new updated instructions related to "autoupdate script" can be found here:


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