IDAX Exchange listing update[Cancelled]

  • @kbailey From the history of your posts I see that you are only interested in the IDAX exchange topic and not in our Project, you almost look like a troll ... I hope not, it would not be good ... so I understand that you do not follow the Project and you are not well informed, in fact the Community as explained in my previous post uses more Telegram therefore have been given continuous and constant clarification in these days on the Telegram group by the CEO. The IDAX listing has also been canceled at the request of the Community, which feared problems and disservices, which unfortunately is being talked about for IDAX. They are young as an exchange and certainly will have many room for improvement but our Community does not feel like risking to crack the image of the Project starting with a listing on IDAX. If you want to be updated in real time you must follow the Telegram group. The Community is focused on the Project, on product updates, on development news. The exchange at this time is not a priority of the Community. The Team is working full time on product development as it has been doing for years. Next time get better informed first so that you can speak with greater knowledge of the facts.

  • Let me tell you something , I’ve spent my hard earned money on this coin and if asking a simple question about a listing is being a troll than I guess I am. I asked for a simple explanation and you have way to much time on your hands to write a book length response. Your the troll !!!

  • Stop lying!!!! The IDAX listening was never ment to happen - I checked with their support!

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    @pubix is not a lie, we cancelled the listing on IDAX.


    @pubix the time stamps suggest it is scripted, you didn't even ask whoever the anonymous "person" is about 3DC but merely shared a link, and they gave an answer to a question that wasn't asked? - seems a bit odd. You suggested they lied but all thats said in your quoted discussion is that it was not currently listed, and pay attention to announcements - clearly the person you are talking to does not understand what you are saying, and they did not confirm what you rudely and arrogantly proposed.

    I think you're giving IDAX more credibility than districts, and going so far as to try and smear the teams reputation. As Zain said it was originally scheduled but since been cancelled. Stop your fkn witch-hunt bs.

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    @michele1it We all want the project to succeed, all good. but saying the hole community doesn´t want an exchange is just false accusations, some want it on any exchange, some want it on a good one, a few don´t, but mostly they want to start trading already.
    "The Community is focused on the Project, on product updates, on development news."
    No news what so ever lately
    "The exchange at this time is not a priority of the Community."
    Just because you don´t want an exchange, most want one.
    The Team is working full time on product development as it has been doing for years".
    1 year

  • @postjok Dear Post, I'm sorry, I do not understand this resentment and the style of your response. If I did not know you I would have simply answered that obviously you do not frequent Github and you do not know the previous phases of the Project, but I can not say that even if you entered the Telegram group in July 2018 with the airdrop of the vote for the KuCoin competition and posted a screenshot in which you said that the development had started in 2015 ... maybe you forgot? But it can not be a justification because the information on the birth of the Project is also illustrated in the roadmap, the project was born in 2015 you said it too in response to the KuCoin bot ... If you talk based on data you do not know or you do not remember the conversation it makes little sense and becomes misleading for everyone. I was convinced that you were an active member of the Community so I also thought that you had done your homework ... but there is always time to study and learn new things so I wish you good work and good study! 🙂
    Regarding the exchange, meanwhile learn to talk politely because to say "false accusations" could be offensive for me, I guess you said it inadvertently but watch out next time. Regarding the exchange you are wrong when you say that I do not want it ... the concept is slightly different: I personally am not interested in the exchange. I do not know if the difference is clear, it simply does not raise my interest. I'm one of the few who do not have a position (wanting it or not) because I simply do not care since I'm notoriously not dealing with prices or market issues as those who follow my general Italian groups with thousands of users, I deal with of technologies and not of markets (I'm interested in blockchain and virtual reality, not coins, it's just my personal preference, not a criticism of those who deal with coins and markets, I do not know if you understand the meaning of my speech). When I say that the Community does not want it and is focused on something else, I refer to all those users who are actively involved in the Project (with daily commitment, helping other users, writing guides, managing national groups, and support the team, yes SUPPORT THE TEAM, and support even in difficult times) and the majority has always expressed itself against IDAX in particular and against the listing in an unfavorable market period (I do not deal with markets and I have never expressed myself in this sense ... look for discussions on Telegram and you will see how many "old" pillars "of the community have expressed themselves against the listing, maybe you do not know who are the old pillars because you entered in July but it is not difficult to guess, just see the respect and approval that they collect when they write). Also if you allow when I speak on behalf of the Community I also speak in the name of hundreds of Italian users who attend the Telegram groups connected to Districts 3DCoin (we have several between the main group, various pools and other related groups) and I can speak fully to them name, since I work daily to solve all their problems both in public and in private. This is my concept of Community and this is the Community to which I refer, the one that is committed to the Project and to the benefit of other users with unity of purpose and loyalty, I do not think there is another Community, we started to build it already since last year, I understand that you still have to settle because you have been inside for a few months, but sincerely I am embittered by your answer and I can also say that if the answer had come from someone who does not attend Telegram or do not know well I would not have devoted all this time to respond. I hope I have now clarified your doubts about my statements.


    @postjok @michele1it

    There are two points to highlight here. First consideration is regarding different expectations within the community on what is a satisfactory pace of development and progress. We got two extremes present, myself and many others feel that things are actually moving ahead of schedule and quiet impressed, while others have expressed everything from "No news what so ever lately" to going so far as calling scam and lies. Those of us who have been here since ICO when telegram had 400 members to now over 8,500, have a unique vantage point of observing changes in what you might call 'the community identity'. The first airdrop attracted (speaking in general) the kind of crowd that may not have anything to financially invest, but are instead trying to get what they can for free. I mean this is fine, it gets the word out and grows the community network. The trade off is that we have seen a heightened amount of behaviors common to novice investors, and immature young adults/teenagers. The question is, do these voices/opinions represent early adopters and investors who consequently are much more effected financially, either positively or negatively, by the confidence the wider community creates? The answer is no, but regardless we are still effected by the wider (macro) sentiment - a sentiment that is created by-in-large via new participants.

    Most of the 3DC is concentrated as the larger influx of participants came after the ICO sale. You got maybe 10 or so people selling at stupidly low price, but other than that the minority of us who hold the majority of 3DC... we ain't selling - it will get distributed through use case within districts. Let me just end on this...

    You want an exchange? It is guaranteed 100% by working of pure development alone. Read that twice - development alone leads to an exchange listing. Not just any exchange, but the many forms of exchange through multi-key side-chains integrated within Districts. Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin... these are but 'features' that go "Into" the Districts world, and not just exchanges, that is but one service, one use case of the millions of ways we 'make use' of the real world - districts is digital version.

    When the penny drops and everyone starts to realize this and think along these lines, less emphasis and importance will be placed on this minor short-steps of what is a long road ahead.

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    I think no more words is needed in this topic 😉

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