IDAX Exchange listing update[Cancelled]

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    expect official news instead of relying on news of dubious origin as the chat of IDAX is full of impostors ....


    @crypto3 Look for "administrator" beside name - otherwise you could be talking to anyone.


    There are mixed reviews about this exchange. I'd recommend pacing the amounts you move through it at first. It does require KYC/AML for withdrawal, some reports of delays on deposits/withdrawals.

  • Well boys we made it to the 31st who's excited and ready?!?!?!?

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    Is there any admin with any news regarding exchange??

  • Always a pain when waiting for an ICO coin to be listed. I’ve read story upon stories of long waits and issues getting listed especially when you can’t get anyone to answer any questions.

  • @crypto3 can’t get any info nor have seen any kind of announcement like they have said was supposedly going to be announced days ago.

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    @kbailey yeah, me neither. I've been asking here but it seems that there is no admin available, i am really wondering what is going on and at this point i am little bit worried about listing overall 😞

  • I knew something was not right when IDAX has not mentioned 3DC or any announcement after the 16th.


    @kbailey It's best not to panic over delays to plans. I'm sure Admin will update us all, as soon as they have more news on the listing. Project development must prioritize quality, not speed. Delays will occur. Be patient. Admins can't force the exchange to work faster. Have a nice day & let's hope for good news soon 🙂

  • Can we get an update of what is going on? I don't mind waiting for an exchange but a little information would be nice.

  • @splash no panicking here but when admin says idax will announce tonight (15 days ago) and no announcement or info since has me curious of what’s going on. Some 3DC coin holders made sales or planned for the launch to make acquisitions. Not to much to ask for a little info in my opinion.


    @kbailey There isn't anything for the admins to announce on the IDAX listing as yet - clearly they are the messenger in this situation.

    Here, ill make an announcement on it...

    Announcement: IDAX has not made an announcement.

    See my point? Whats is there the district team can announce on this when they too are awaiting on word from IDAX. To me it looks like IDAX internal processes are very dis-organised or working with small or inexperienced team that is overwhelmed.

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    No there is nothing to announce. But they should at least give some info. They sure have and know what is going on. If they don't reply make us very doubtful about this listing and let us think in the wrong way. An easy reply like "hi guys, the listing will be postponed for a year because the market is fucked up or we will not list on idex because they expect a fee that for us is not ok". Nobady asked to list today. But asked some info.

    The ICO finished months ago. With official info and date not met. Now even not given explanation. Do you agree that in this case something is wrong? Or you will be defending the team like blind guy?

  • From my point of view, a good late start is better than a bad early start!
    The team started the procedure, but delays may occur. We should wait and see what will happen.
    Also, I think they should concentrate more on advertising because the advertising is the key to success of a coin in this market situation.

  • @mickbit You obviously need to read my post again. All I simply stated was people make plans according to info they’ve received and some info would be nice when an announcement wasn’t made when one was planned , if I need to explain this post to you I’m waiting for your next smart reply.

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    @thunderbolt I share your thoughts on marketing! I'm sure the team is working on this fundamental point of the project!


    @luka @kbailey
    Lets exercise a bit of common-sense here ok.

    kbaily you said "Some 3DC coin holders made sales or planned for the launch to make acquisitions. Not to much to ask for a little info in my opinion"

    Not my place to give advice on this but in my opinion its premature to make such plans until such a listing has occurred. For whatever reasons it may be, unforeseen/unexpected circumstances may arise. Much the same reasons I discussed a while ago with @tamerlano about promoting the listing before it actually occurs (things go wrong, information is not always present or clear, delays happen), and when they do, it often creates negative blow-back because people take what is essentially an expression of intent, as a contractual statement. I'm not sure exactly what kind of "plans/decisions" you made based off an announcement, but let it be a learnt lesson to wait a bit. There are two partys involved - the districts team and idax, have you said a word to idax? They haven't posted on twitter for nearly 10-days, their telegram is full of scammers posing as admin, their lack of some of their staff even knowing about the listing suggests gross disorganization (maybe these points/info should have factored into your 'plans/decisions' if the current outcome is effecting you negatively. It's not you're fault, it's just something to be mindful of in future.

    @luka you said "No there is nothing to announce. But they should at least give some info. They sure have and know what is going on."

    You're making an assumption that the Districts team is willfully withholding information, or that they should say something when there is nothing to say. Consider what might be the reason - I'm suggesting (with common-sense) that IDAX has not communicated a response and that the Districts team has already inquired, doesn't this seem more reasonable?

    You also said "The ICO finished months ago. With official info and date not met. Now even not given explanation. Do you agree that in this case something is wrong?"

    The official info was on their roadmap which was specifically the development of the exchange API (this infers a listing but is not specifically referring to one - the end of Q2 deadline for exchange API actually was met, and the team has done a-lot more than what was on the roadmap in terms of development. Ill go another step further, consider what a 'roadmap' is - again, people make the mistake of mis-interpreting an 'Intention/Goal' as some Contractual obligation. Regarding the announcement of the IDAX exchange, clearly you understand that such an announcement is in good faith of what IDAX would have said - the exchanges lack of follow through should not reflect on the districts team credibility.

    Lastly, you all need to understand that business etiquette influences what should be said and how its said between two company's that have a contract and/or agreement. In essence, (it's not a rule, but good etiquette) you don't highlight the 'failings' or paint business partners in a negative light. This basically translates to a kind of 'PR-management' where the good news is spoken, but all else is silently a work-in-progress. You see this all the time, and the reason is to protect consumer confidence, which is both important to them as much as it is to investors. Actually it's written in plain English on IDAX's conditions for de-listing a coin.

    Condition of coin removal on IDAX. -
    "If the particular crypto currency project team is intentionally undermining or spreading false information about our exchange or operation."

    Key word there is 'undermining' as this is a subjective term - so they have actually made a rule of what is essentially business etiquette. Try to consider all these things I have mentioned, I'm not out to "blindly" defend anyone - I'm simply trying to promote more understanding, more patience, more trust, and more tact.

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    @mickbit There is nothing else to add after what you have explained so clearly... 😉 If someone still does not understand clearly, he has some understanding problems, probably due to his tender age and lack of experience in business, commercial and legal agreements, and life in general. But here we can not certainly make up for these shortcomings... is not our task. There is life for this.

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    @michele1it, @mickbit
    overall the fact is that according to team's announcement coin should be listed onto exchange already, but it’s not. So all of us deserve explanation or at least some feedback from team members what went wrong, what are further steps, etc.

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