Simple guide about crating a bat file to open multiple wallets the same time in one pc (windows)

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    Hello everyone,
    Sorry because I have been inactive for a while (since the contest of the logo haha) but now I'm bringing something good
    Who else have to open multiple wallets on the some pc for many reasons today I'm going to set this simple guide shoing you how to open them without changing .dat files

    1.Downloading from

    For Windows you have a choice to download the Zip version which gives a choice for either 32- or 64-bit version. For this guide I'm going to download the Zip file.

    2. Unzipping and unpacking

    Use Winzip or 7-zip to unzip, then unpack your files to a folder.  which name is in this guide will be named as "appfolder" and its directory "C:\directory"

    3. Creating Dash data folders

    Now go back to "C:\directory" and create other folders "data1" and "data2"...(as many wallets as you want)
    If you are with me the dirctory for this data folders will be "C:\directory\data1" and 2 3...

    4. Creating bat files

    Now open a notepad and write in it the following command :
    Start "" "C:\directory\appfolder\3dcoin-qt.exe" -datadir=C:\directory\data1

    Save it where you want as a batfile (.bat) and just name it "wallet1"

    Repeat the above step 5 to create a bat file for wallet 2 and 3 ...

    5.Running the wallets

    Now you are all done you can have fan opening all off them in the same time

    0_1535924540546_Croquis (3).png

    ⚠️***Important notes***⚠

    1.If you want to change names or directories you can I recomand those to get a clear order and if there is a problem you know exactly where to go for example you need to dellete mncach file for the wallet1 you will directly to the folder data1.

    2.This my first guide ever I want to share my experience clearly but I think I have made it so complexe so please consider my eforts and I'll be here to update this guide just contacte me if somthing is wrong or not clear.

    3.If you already have wallets (which I think it is the case for almost every one) you simply have to copie data files of your wallet wich will be generally found in"C%Appdata%" named as 3dcoin you have to move them to the data directory of the new wallets "data99" ( if you have a lot of 3dc and devided them to many mns haha)
    -just a note of this not haha to avoid potential loss to all your founds make sure you have a copy of the wallet.dat file.

    Thats it for me I hope it will help you and thank you for reading it and giving me your time.

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    Very good, you had a good idea 💡 to publish this guide it is very important ✔ for the project that the Community 👥 👥 👥 also creates some useful documentation ✏ 📚 🗂 for those who need to solve a problem 🔎 👨‍💻 👨‍🏫 and I also appreciated the fact that you put the image of the wallet 🖼 🖥 to understand the effect on the desktop ... congratulations !😉👍

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    @michele1it thanks and as I said I was inspired by yours but mine is not as good as yours

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