Masternodes: Secure your node in two steps. SSH port change and more. Implemented instructions and scripts in the official repository.

  • As a member of the @3DCoin-Daemons 😈 and @Masters-of-Nodes 😎 I believe I have the task and duty and all the interest in defending our network... 💪 😈 🛡 ⚔
    So it is NOT mandatory I urge you to see and possibly try if you want and when you can the following guide 📖 published recently in the official Github 📂 mastenode 🗄 repository.
    It's a guide about additional optional but recommended scripts for the security of 3DCoin Project Districts masternodes and nodes. These scripts change the SSH default port number 22 with a custom number chosen by the node owner and set up firewall and fail2ban in Linux Ubuntu server/VPS.

    ⚠ The guide must be read and studied carefully ⚠ it provides two steps that must be performed using the two scripts provided. ❗ The guide must be followed step by step with great care ❗ Putting it into practice involves essentially a few moments, but it is important to study 📚 it and understand it well!🤓👨‍💻 👨‍🏫 👨‍🎓 Starting first from the instructions 📝 and then using the commands indicated in the instructions.

    If you put it into practice your masternodes will be safer and more performance as their resources will be less used to "defend themselves" from external attacks that will be drastically reduced. If you want to have an idea of all the attack attempts arriving on a server or VPS, just type the following command in your terminal console (after access as root with Putty or Bitvise for example or with a sudo user)

    (or "sudo lastb" of course)

    (the first letter is a L)

    👾 👾 👾
    😱 😱 😱
    👿 👿 👿

    What do you think is worth studying this guide provided and securing your nodes? 😉 😎 If you do so, you can secure both 🛡 ⚔ your nodes and the network🛡 ⚔ making both of them more performing and so you have already done a lot for our beloved Project Districts !!!

    🏁 Start always from ➡ README / Instructions 📝

    ⚠ I remind you only as indicated in the instructions that before using the commands contained in the guide you must choose your own personal SSH port number different from 22 (a number from 1024 to 65535 but excluding 6695 and 6694) and to help you in your choice you will find the guidelines at the beginning of the guide in the link above. Only after you have chosen your custom port you can proceed with the commands, It is also VERY important NOT to forget the chosen port because you have to use it instead of the standard 22 to access your server or VPS (eg with Putty or Bitvise) after the execution of first script provided in the guide! Be careful!⚠

    Enjoy 😉
    ...and Go Districts Go!🚀 🚀 🚀 💪 😈 👍 💪😎 👍

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    @michele1it Well thats really interesting but to do this for more than 100 nodes that is going to take a lot of time thanks I enjoyed reading it and I like how you animates your topics by emojis I don't do that because I can't find the aproprate one every time keep up the hard work you doing .

  • @sor_cier Thank you for your appreciation and your support! 😉 The emojis are used to make the work and study less tiring 😌 and to better focus 🕵 the attention for this I use a lot! 😁 😉

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    @michele1it keep up

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