Development update (25/09/2018)

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    Hello everyone!

    Starting today, we will publish an article like this one every 2 weeks to keep you updated about all development progress.

    3DCoin v0.14 update
    Instead of keep patching the current version of 3DCoin, We chose to put all of our resources into the v0.14 development to be start the tests as soon as possible, we will able to present the v0.14 to the world in less than three months.

    What is 3DCoin v0.14, how it works?
    The v0.14 update will be a scheduled hard-fork that reconstruct the old blockchain using the new protocol including this new features:

    • Block structure
    • Layers
    • Transactions validation mechanism
    • Mining/POW/Hashing algorithm
    • Scripts(Contracts)

    In short, this new protocol can handle more than 9k/block which gives us a (75) transaction per second and can be increased depends on active nodes in the network, the data in the block is divided to this 3 categories of transactions: (3DC/Tokens, Districts, Dapps).

    Transactions are mined individually in form of a chain and confirmed instantly before added to the block which now considered as a simple ledger that helps nodes to liberate their RAM and is hashed using the SHA256 algorithm.

    The new scripts are used for standard and advance transactions that give you the unlimited access to program your transaction as a contract to perform any operations including creating/sending Tokens for projects such an ICO, DAO, Partnership or even an automated escrow agreement.

    After analysing data from other masternode projects we noticed that the number of nodes decreases rapidly when the coin price rises which is probably happens when the v0.14 released, so we decide to release the locked collateral amount for the existing nodes, masternode owners can spend the collateral input without losing the masternode status.

    We chose to skip some scheduled updates such as Electrum server/API/Mobile because the v0.14 has an integrated powerful API and the code is built from scratch, so we don't need any more Bitcoin/Dash based codes.
    We will use the time we have to develop all new applications for Mobile devices, Block explorer, web wallet and more exclusive tools for the 3dCoin v0.14.

    For more details about v0.14 follow us on GitHub to receive updates.
    We will add all the details to the whitepaper regularly starting next week.

    Districts updates
    Our last partnership is with 3Drudder, a company developing hardware for VR applications will be announced next month with all the details of the future plans of our cooperation with 3Drudder.
    Last week we Successfully integrated 3Drudder controller in Districts application with special movements that only exist in Districts 3D World that helps the user to create application faster in a seating position.
    Read more about 3Drudder here:

    The next dev update will include videos showing all Districts VR tests and development progress.

    About The Exchange
    We will make the last attempt to list 3DC on Poloniex/Bittrex or a similar exchange that can endorse 3DC and well presented the crypto community, the timeline is 30 days, if not listed by then we will be forced to list in regular pay-to-list exchange like Cryptopia/Kukoin or a similar exchange.

    Thank you for reading

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    Really impressed... We are going to change the world.. Good work.. 😉

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Wow, excellent work.

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    As always, an exceptional team, precise and clear towards those who believe in you and in your work that is also our Dreams!

  • All great, you always manage to amaze us. Who is inside the Project begins to feel "privileged" (or an "elected" for those who are fond of the Matrix film trilogy).
    The partnership with 3dRudder is very important. We must aim at this, the VR and AR sector is about to definitely take off. The future has already begun, is here and now and we are in the right place at the right time. We try in every way to be in the VR and AR sector because it will be spectacular to be with this great Team and with this wonderfu Project. Welcome to the future and always Go Districts Go 🚀 🚀 🚀

  • @Zain this is a great news, but from my point of view, the number of people who knows the project and loves it is very few due to the lack of advertisement campaigns. I believe in the project and your well-thought ideas, however, the number of people is less than expected.

  • Only italians here

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    @pubix Is it good or bad? There are many people who love this project and we Italians are organized to support it because we believe in the team and in their vision ... I do not see anything wrong. ☺

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia


  • @pubix I'm not Italian and I know lots of people around my community when I introduced them to this project, they all loved it.



    oh, and are you Italian? I'm Australian. Surprised you're still here,

    Just clear this up for me, you mine 3DC but comment history shows a pattern of talking negatively about it? I don't understand that.

    Anyway, great work team, keep up the solid work.


  • @mickbit

    • I do own some 3DC

    • I do want this to succeed AF

    • I do not like few/many things about it

    • I'm not Italian, but I do speak italian (and many other languages)

    • I don't mine it - In the past I gave a try

    • I do and don't like your approach in some ways

    Stay well aussie


    @pubix That's fair enough then. Look, I removed my downvotes, consider it a gesture as I know you don't really care about the rep score. It's behind us but I think you understand why you got the kind of approach you did. You want this to succeed, then I encourage you to show that more. We're good.