Development update (10/10/2018)

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    Good evening!

    Today we added more information about the v0.14 in the white-paper update, please follow this link to read exactly what changed:

    We are working on a new algorithm that notifies users if the node hardware is not enough and gives them recommendations about the improvements required for the node to function properly.

    Nodes in v0.14 must be upgradable to avoid in missing payments and 1Gb/s Port is recommended.

    Some VPS providers are offering an instant upgrade like this one:

    We will add more technical details from test results in the white-paper every few days, please follow us on GitHub for more updates.

    If you are wondering about the exchange, it will be announced on next scheduled update of the 25 Oct 2018.

    Districts videos will published separately before the next development update.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Great news, very important, we aim higher and higher, you and your Team are doing a huge job πŸ˜‰ and I am sure that the market will notice when the coin will be listed ... I continue to feel privileged to be part of this Community and this spectacular adventure of Project Districts!!! πŸ˜‰ 😎 😈 πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    What a wonderfull NEWS... Great like ALLWAYS πŸ™‚

  • @zain This is a bogus news as always. Seeing is believing mate! You have giving some news like all along and said Exchange will be next....

  • Banned

    @EndoHi Choose carefully your words, you might be banned πŸ™‚ just wondering where are those three loudest as they didn’t comment your post jet πŸ™‚ let’s see innovative excuse on 25th about exchange, anyone want to post bets?? πŸ™‚

  • @CRYPTO3 here I am... one of those loudest I suppose... 😈 😎 do you need something?

    @endohi just a post... you're a troll ... @administrators please ban him, do not deserve an answer, and do not waste time with a troll or someone's fake user...

  • Banned

    @michele1it hahahahaha..... you rock!

  • @crypto3 yes well said 😈 😎


    Great job team, don't worry about the impatient 'nay-sayers' - you have our support 110%, we will see the success of this through together.

    @michele1it You're right, the trolls are not worth the time.

  • Banned

    Second one reported on duty πŸ™‚

    Guys, that's very interesting, every one who says something that you don't like is a troll, impatient 'naysayers', fake user, etc. don't you think so?? 😞 Don't you think you are overrecting??


    @Crypto3 Just because I choose to throw my support behind the team and this project, that does not equate to a 'duty' or responsibility to fulfill. Frankly, would it be so hard if you learnt some Social-skills? We've never spoke before, and this is how you introduce yourself and talk to me? - Literally started off with a sly mock, well hello to you too, nice to meet you... now what is the 'need' that you are trying to communicate here? - Attention perhaps? Validation? You tell me because I don't see anything constructive being put forth.

  • @crypto3 The strange thing is that you answer on behalf of what for me remains a troll or a fake user ... is it solidarity because you both signed up three months ago? Curious ... for me it's too funny this I mean it. As an early adopter of the internet, all these attitudes that violate the netiquette and leave many doubts open I can not conceive of them. In our Community now we know almost all of us, we have a very active group on Telegram, even the forum is active in certain periods based on the initiatives, if any of the people who participate in the normal activities of the forum and Telegram expresses critical thinking about the project then I take it seriously I do not call it troll, but if someone who I do not know and who has never participated, who did not show up, acts in a way that is called precisely "trolling" in the netiquette, I simply take him for what is. If one wants to claim not to be a troll he has to prove it, no personal identification is required, simply by participating in the normal community activities here and on Telegram, maybe using the same nickname in both. I did some research on Telegram and I noticed a curious fact, that the user who are somehow "defending" from the accusations of being a troll or a fake user entered Telegram in July and immediately accused the exit team scam (I quote the textual words he used). All this seems more than enough to express doubts, but I am always available to be denied. When this user proves he has not entered here and on Telegram just to make accusations then I will not call him troll anymore ... and if I do not have the perception that he is a fake user used to say things that a real user prefers not to say explicitly to always stay with one foot inside the Community in case of need ... then I will not call it fake user ... maybe he will be able to convince me who knows ...

  • "If you are wondering about the exchange, it will be announced on next scheduled update of the 25 Oct 2018."

    Finaly some good news tomorrow...

  • Any news any day is always a good and well-deserved news for those studying the Project and for those who commit to the Project. Who gave without asking for anything can only have satisfactions from this Project. πŸ’ͺ 😎 πŸ’ͺ 😈

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