Telegram down... it's normal since it does not run on blockchain! ;)

  • From a couple of hours or so Telegram is down... ❌ 💬 ❌ 📴 📵 sometimes happens ... 😏 this also means "centralization" 🏰 😏 and this also makes us understand the importance of blockchain and decentralized systems ... one day all this will seem absurd that it could happen in the distant 2018... one day we will remember these obsolete technologies 😌 with nostalgia when we are on the sofa with our VR headset enjoying the wonders of the Districts World 😎 😎 😎 while we meet our digital alter egos in a cafe ☕ or on a beach ⛱
    With the occasion I take advantage of some "tips" ... when Telegram does not seem to work ... you just go to Twitter and simply type #telegramdown and you will immediately see if there are tweets of the last hours that confirm that the problem is not the your smarphone ... for example tweets like these:

    In any case, keep calm ... a little 'break from the chat has never hurt anyone ... 😌 if you can access should still be our bot 🤖 that keeps the situation under control 💪 🤖 👍 and if something does not work as it should not worry ... as soon as the service goes back online we arrange everything in case the bot has taken a nap 💤🤖 💤 with the excuse of the umpteenth "Telegram down"... 😁 😉

    See you soon on Telegram (hopefully)

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