Development update (25/10/2018)

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    Hello everyone,

    First, Thanks to our supporters we reached more 2500 active masternode, this number is showing the commitment of our community, Thank you all.

    3DCoin update
    The v0.14 version is a protocol update, It is the initial phase for the upcoming series of updates that will change the current mining mechanism to protect the network from the 51% attack that most cryptocurrencies with a low hash rate are vulnerable. The validation consensuses that affects the block time/structure and masternodes payments resulting in a faster and more secure network. The full details will be available on the whitepaper in a few days.

    A new masternode installation script will be released a few days before the update with a faster updating process and a minimal downtime.

    Once the network is successfully upgraded, 3DCoin will enter the market.
    For reasons of commercial confidentiality and for legal matters, we cannot name or disclose details regarding the exchange until 3DCoin is successfully added to the market, we are sure that the community trust our hardworking team and its ability to do what is best for the project and the community. Thanks for your patience and understanding, we are doing everything possible to deserve your valuable support.

    Districts update
    Our projects having multiple fronts, great progress is also made in the development of the 3D world, both in graphics and mechanics. And as a way feed the imagination of the community and show a tangible example of what a decentralized application could be, we present to you the following video which showcases what the virtual reality shopping experience will look like in Districts, and the realism it brings to e-shopping, making it not only a bland task, but a concrete, meaningful, and enjoyable activity.

    More videos are to be expected, shortly, an under the hood demonstration will expose the interaction between the virtual reality and the blockchain.

    And lastly, the Districts team wishes to Aminov the best luck in his future enterprises as his obligations will mark an end to his services in the Districts projects, we thank him for all his valuable contributions.

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    great works...the video is the moooonnnnn 😉

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Simply The Best!! 🙂

  • as always you can amaze us ... what to say ... for me to see that video is simply exciting and after the video I have no words and it is something strange enough that I can not write anything ... but I have to say thank you .... thank you for your commitment and for your work, we understand that for you and the Team it is not easy to work under pressure but we know that your purpose is exclusively to bring this Project to the highest levels, so we are with you "without ifs and without buts" . So we continue towards the future and beyond ... and an affectionate greeting to Aminov, thank you for all you did and good luck! 🙂

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    good luck Aminov ....wish the best for you...


    Really impressive work, not only a forward thinking team but responsive to matters at hand. You guys continue to find innovative solutions that not only address any issues, but simultaneously improve functionality and performance.

    @aminovvvv Really grateful for your time and effort you put in, particularly here on the forum. All the best to you mate, make sure to catch up with the project and everyone from time to time.

  • Thank you all, it was a real pleasure, I'm the biggest fan and believer of this project , I'm sure it will change the concept of blockchain and the internet.Districts project is the best blockchain innovation, I have been lucky to work with such great and serious team, I wish you the greatest success.


    This post is deleted!


    Looking forward to it all 🙂 Just wondering, given the changes coming up with v0.14 and protocol update with MN's, what VPS provider would you recommend? Currently using Vultr, not sure what will be most suitable long-term with the integration of prime/pulse nodes, any pointers would be great 🙂

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    I wish you a professional and personal path full of successes and satisfactions.
    A part of you will always live in the world of Districts! Good luck