Development update (10/11/2018)

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    Hi everyone,

    We are pleased to inform you that 3DCoin v0.14 update will come sooner than expected, the updates schedule is as follows:
    25 Nov 2018: Masternode mining(Hard-fork) to be activated by 05 Dec 2018.
    10 Dec 2018: (Exchange announcement)
    25 Jan 2019: Scripts update(External API, contract)
    25 Feb 2019: V0.14 core upgrade (after this version future updates will not require a hard-fork ) (v0.14 Blockchain Explorer)
    25 Mar 2019: Mobile app: Wallet, masternodes management).

    Please update your nodes when the first update is available. to help us speed up the exchange process.

    We added new information about the v0.14 network in the whitepaper.
    See what changed here:

    What's new in the 25 Nov update:

    All 3DCoin transactions are confirmed instantly. 🚀
    The network synchronization improved(Governance objects, sporks are disabled)
    Payments: Masternodes payment is calculated on the activity score with a maximum of 16 3DC per block.
    Mining: Proof of work changed to Proof of service(Only masternodes can create blocks)
    We added new validation consensuses to protect the network(more information in the whitepaper next update).

    Thank you for reading.

  • Great work! And as I told you in the official Telegram group two days ago when you announced in preview the updated architecture in the whitepaper... What about ... really exciting to read what you wrote ... what can I say if not the usual things? But it's not enough to say that you have done a great great work and there are no words to comment, because if I had to comment I should say that I feel like someone who is reading a piece of history before the whole world knows the History, maybe you are rewriting the history of blockchain and the history of virtual reality and absurdly I start to feel almost "embarrassed" as if I had almost "underestimated" this incredible project, since every time you add a small or a large piece you always manage to amaze and displace us, and it's strange that it is really me to say that I feel like I have underestimated the project, just me that I am proudly one of the biggest fans of the project! But in reality it is not strange because it means that really in this project there is a lot but a lot of more than we can even imagine. Once again I feel honored to follow and be able to participate in this innovation and revolution ... I want also to say that reading well the new explanation of the triple layer of the nodes (master/pulse/prime) I grasped that 3DCoin is not a term that serves only to think of the "currency of a 3D platform" but that is really the first "3D blockchain" or we could even say "3 blockchain in 1" ... so the only thing I can tell you is thank you for what you are doing because you are writing a part of the history and the future of technological evolution. You have great courage and a great responsibility in doing what you are doing, because it is the courage and responsibility of those who change the rules of the game and the course of events. So you also have all my admiration for this. Thanks!


    Very nice progress & refinements. Looks great Zain, thanks for the update 🙂