Development update (25/11/2018)

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    Hello everybody,

    3DCoin keeps ascending daily, we are excited to announce the integration of 3DCoin in a second exchange following the first one by a month, it will be the first entrance of 3DCoin into the thriving Chinese market and all what it implies in terms of image and trading volume, coming along with the opening of the participation opportunity in the translation of the Projects sites and documentation to our Chinese community, this is great news especially in these turmoiled days for the crypto world, and will ensure a powerful thrust for 3DCoin in its global propagation.

    As a short period of two additional days will be necessary for the occurring final tests of the mining update publication, a general double check will happen in the test net to warrant the absolute security of the network, once the update released, master node operators will have until the 05/12 to set it up. This is the first phase of the v0.14 deployment which advents the best of what 3DCoin has to offer.

    No matter the fluctuations in the markets the project's schedule stays undisturbed with the first exchange integration in 10/12, followed by the trade opening a day after. The crypto market ups and downs are natural expressions of the free market and have no impact on the factual utility of the cryptocurrency concept or the blockchain technology to mankind, and the optimism that goes upon its expansion and insertion in the economic fabric.

    And as always, the 3DCoin community is to be thanked for its support and its faith in the team, the hard work keeps going for the best.

    Thank you for reading


    Hiya Zain, awesome progress! Goodonya Dev Team! 🙂
    Masternode deadline 05 Dec - no problemo 👍