Development update (03/12/2018)

  • Hello everyone,

    Great outcomes do not come without equally great hurdles to overcome, but the Districs team has all it takes to deal with every challenge and consistently succeed.

    The mining update tests will keep running for a prolonged time as new but limited improvements to the implementation of the new protocol have been deemed too advantageous to be left for later, the consensus processes permanent optimization fits into the long-term frame consisting of having a network managing all the Districts ecosystem and not only 3DCoin, meaning that programming the 3DCoin blockchain submits to the logic of deep projection in the future, for example, the pulse and prime nodes are not implemented in the network yet, but the current and subsequent versions must always and gradually evolve towards supporting them. Thus, the previously mentioned hurdle isn't about the occurrence of an unsolved problem, but the spontaneous emerging new states that require adjustments, due to the constant rise of standards.

    The team is grateful for your support and will always commit to the best options for the project, without compromises.


  • Well, even if for many users it is not easy to understand the complexity and difficulties of software development of such an innovative and experimental project, a project for which it really makes sense to talk about roadmaps, because there really is a path to be made and how any path that is done seriously and with intellectual honesty the path changes, evolves and updates based on your tireless work of development and testing, we are happy to see that the usual transparency of your team pushes you to promptly inform the community every once you have the results of your tests you can share.

    We are also particularly happy to read that "limited improvements to the implementation of the new protocol have been deemed too advantageous to be left for later" because improvements are always welcome.

    As you know some of us more advanced users are extremely fascinated by your work because they can see a little 'deeper than what you can explain in the releases (the software code must be developed and read, does not require explanations or interpretations, then I understand that explain it is always complicated even for the best developer) and just because they read you with great care and respect for your work even in the most hidden meanders of Github and then we know that these days you have worked at full capacity (as usual ) and that you are working in the best possible way, with the development of the project, to make this project always better.

    So go ahead with all the support of a community whose impatient expectation is dictated precisely by the passion for the project and by the curiosity for innovation that the work of your team will bring in key areas of technological development in the coming years: VR / AR and blockchain.
    I say deliberately "blockchain" and not "masternode" because it would be simplistic to circumscribe 3DCoin and Project Districts only to the masternode sector, as many of us (me first) we are fans of masternodes.

    So to you, to Z, to Badre and to the whole team, even to those who work silently by good blockchain artisans, all our support and appreciation and all our encouragement are given because the most beautiful view to admire is only that reserved for those who does not fear the steepest and most tiring climbs.

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