Development update (10/12/2018)

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    Hello everyone,

    First, Thank you all for your long support of the Project Districts, according to stats 3DCoin is the fifth masternode coin in the world. this made by you, not the team, not the hype, it's who made it happen and we can't thank you enough.


    3DCoin will officially be listed on the European based exchange p2pb2b starting from the 14th of December, the professionalism shown by their team was the main factor in our choice, a capable tech team that will swiftly implement upcoming updates resulting in minimized downtime, besides other features:

    1- 24/7 user support

    2- Fast registration(KYC validation in less than 24h)

    3- Low fees (0.2%)

    4- A good reputation across all the review platforms

    5-A referral program that allows a further fee reduction, as suggested by the p2pb2b staff, please use the referral link below so that we can build a community account list for future exclusive reward programs, besides, in the case where the team account wins any coins in the game, everything will be distributed back to the community.

    3DCoin community referral link:


    We postponed the v0.14 first step for the following reasons:

    1- A fast exchange integration. Because new code requires more time to review.

    2- Deeper debugging and testing.

    3- The execution of upgrades to the protocol, first round to the smartscript update, consisting of OP code reservations allowing non-up-to-date nodes to rebroadcast messages containing OP codes released in the next version.

    Thank you for reading

  • Very good news! Waiting for v0.14.

  • Yes, great news as always ... 🚀 🚀 🚀
    Let's start from here, we consider this a new beginning for a project that has already achieved excellent results first in ICO and after in the construction of the community and of masternodes network in over 8 months from the genesis block ... we present ourselves in exchange with the cards in order to do well and to make ourselves known to the rest of the world and of course we create the basis for the other exchanges to know that there is such a wonderful project as the one that Z and his team are carrying on by now a few years.
    We are always with you guys first of all because you are people who think first of all to work hard and in the crypto sector and in the masternode sector we need people like you and then for the project that is truly incredible and you can not do not love it and you can not do not want to be part of it if we look at it from the point of view of the blockchain sector in general and in particular of masternode sector, and if we look at it from the point of view of the VR / AR / 3D industry... you are joining these worlds in the Districts in a fantastic way, keep it up and we hope to have some new videos as soon as possible to be able to dream with the visions of the Districts!!! 😎 🚀 🚀🚀


    @zain Great work guys, I was a bit nervous about how things might go pushing the tight deadline - i'm glad you've decided to again choose the path of 'quality' to secure a better outcome. Ill make sure to promote the project and new exchange, but of-course there is much holding yet ahead 😄

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Really thrilled about this opportunity to be a part of this project.
    I'm listening right now
    Stairway to heaven and I want to dedicate it to the team.


    @zain 👍 Congratulations, I'm glad to see your focus on 'quality, not speed' in development is proving successful 👏 Hi to p2pb2b 👋 Thanks for referral link for 3DC community 😃


    @mickbit Yeah agreed, a patient pathway is proving successful.


    @firefox_it Nice, but throw on 'Immigrant Song'


  • Great news ^^ and i did my first trade aleady 😄

  • Let's trade 3DC🎢🎢🎢