Special promotion for new 3DCoin MN holders

  • Hi, Cryptonode.support here. We are offering a special promotion for our new 3DCoin customers:
    25$ to have 1k 3DCoin* and 3 hosting months

    Contact us for more info

    email: administrators@cryptonode.support
    Telegram: @Sodiomayor

    *1k 3DCoin will be sent to your personal wallet
    Crypto payments allowed

    Edit: it's a full managed MN service, we will take care of keeping MN online and updated. Cost after 3 months to be defined, they will not exceed 5$/month

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Very well, it is nice to see that services linked to the masternodes managed by members of the community and of recognized reliability begin to emerge, I confirm that @Sodiomayor (for those who do not already know him) is an active member of our community. Good work then! 😉

  • 📣 📣 📣 Reached 50 "new" MN, promotion closed, thanks all! 📣 📣 📣

    Prices for only hosting service will be announced shortly 🙂

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