[OBSOLETE] - [mn autoupdate script] Instructions and checks for masternodes owners and managers.

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    @Zain said in Development update (25/01/2019):

    (Masternode owners)Please double check if the autoupdate script is installed correctly to avoid any missing payments.

    ❗ ℹ 📖 💻

    To install or update the autoupdate script.

    On VPS (login as root via SSH with a Linux terminal or with Putty or Bitvise or similar SSH client, as usual).

    After login as root:

    1⃣ First command

    curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BlockchainTechLLC/masternode/master/AutoUpdate.sh > AutoUpdate.sh

    2⃣ Second command

    bash AutoUpdate.sh

    Select Option 2 and select "Update Single Masternode" or "Update Multi Masternode" according to your needs (in most cases the normal choice is "single"), the "multi" option only serves to "send" and install the autoupdate script from one own VPS to other own VPS.

    At this point you have finished! Having performed the above procedure your masternode if it were needed will update completely and automatically at midnight without any intervention on your part. Every day at midnight the script will check if there are any new 3DCoin updates and in case it will download and update the masternode without any intervention of the masternode owner.
    Although it is not mandatory it is strongly recommended that you perform the above procedure in all your masternodes in order to make sure you have the latest version of the "autoupdate" script on board. Especially if you are not an experienced user it can be difficult to check what and in which version you have already installed in your VPS. But if you want to deepen and learn something new, here below are some checks you can do to see if your masternode already has a version (previous or current) of the "autoupdate script" on board and if it has already been updated automatically at the new first update v0.14.0.1, but as already explained if you are not sure what you are doing then the best and quickest choice is to execute those two commands I wrote above... 😉

    Here are the additional checks for those who want to deepen and understand what has already on board on their VPS
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    You can check if you have already an old version of "autoupdate script" installed if you find a string in the "crontab" ending with "update.sh" or "UpdateNode.sh", you can see crontab with command:

    crontab -l

    (the last it's a lowercase "L" non an uppercase "i")

    You can see a string like:

    0 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/update.sh

    Or a string like:

    0 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/UpdateNode.sh

    You can doublecheck the presence of the "autoupdate script" also with command:

    cd /usr/local/bin && ls -al

    You can see if there is a file named "update.sh" or "UpdateNode.sh"

    If you find the string in the crontab and the related script file in "usr/local/bin" path then you have an autoupdate script installed (both conditions and in both cases the ".sh" file name must be the same, both in the crontab string and in the /usr/local/bin folder) but if you want the new fresh and most useful version of the "autoupdate script" released in this days you must use the instructions and the two commands I gave at the beginning of this post.

    To check also if the new v0.14.0.1 update of masternode is installed (for example after a succesfull autoupdate) you can use the commands below to see the versions of "3dcoin daemon" and of "3dcoin client":

    3dcoind -version
    3dcoin-cli getinfo

    The first one is used to check the version of the daemon and the second one for the client.

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