V0.14 update deferment

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    Hello everyone,

    The prospects of a successful and smooth transition towards the v0.14 and the optimism that stemmed from them were sky-high, as high as the efforts deployed by our team, but what has now been identified and is already being fixed, did happen, a bug.

    We deeply regret this misstep even if it caused no consequential harm, at this moment, no new block is being mined, this is temporary, but the lessons learned are permanent, no matter how experimented and professional one can be, betterment is always possible, our ever committed team grew from this, nevertheless, we owe you our sincere apologies.

    The first measure that will be taken is a brief return to classic mining up to block 450k, at which point the final deployment with the fixes will finally occur.

    Thank you for your support.


    I'm sorry you guys feel you have to apologize - where some see mistake and fault i just see 'best effort' and 'process'. Since the ICO, this team has proven time and time again that they got what it takes to succeed - that is an unshakable trust that the team has earned already and building upon.

    There is only one thing that has disappointing me to see over the year - and that is the exaggerated sense of self-entitlement expressed from various community members. I actually commend the team for their self-driven motivation in the presence of unwarranted criticism - after all you are doing this for us, sharing your dream with the world so it can be appreciated by all.

    I want to say on my own behalf, that I am grateful and appreciative of the skilled professionals like yourselves that are sacrificing many things day after day, and putting so much on the line in order to succeed with such large ambitions.

    It's easy to buy 3dc, until recently also easy to mine. Easy to setup nodes and tell our friends about it too - but the team is doing the hard miles, the sleepless night, all under the pressure of deadlines and expectations. One bug... no big deal... atleast we know you guys are human now because it's been flawless otherwise 😄

    You owe us nothing, and we are thankful for that which you give to this project. Our job as a community is to give back with appreciation, respect, and the ideas this project inspires. My only request of the team is that you pick each others spirits up in these times, and draw on that passion that started it all. Don't push yaself because a bunch of people are waiting to make money - don't listen to those voices. Think about the lives you will change, the experiences your work will facilitate, the connections between strangers from across the globe, the struggling start-ups that find a means of prosperity on the back of your work.

    Criticism sounds the loudest in times when encouragement is needed most - I hope this helps, I hope it speaks louder.

    Keep up the good work

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    @mickbit said in V0.14 update deferment:

    Don't push yaself because a bunch of people are waiting to make money - don't listen to those voices

    Exactly, the project first of all! I wanted to emphasize in particular your phrase that I quoted, but all your speech is always very wise and identifies exactly the important things not to be missed! 😉

    I would also like to add that the masternodes owners / managers who were obviously the most "committed" in managing updates for their nodes have learned a lot these days if they have been attentive to updates and management of the nodes at this juncture. As I said on Telegram group being a masternode owner / manager is not a "passive income" but it is a full-time job (also a question of responsibility towards the network!). The managers of masternodes must do their part (as they did in fact) by following the team step by step in updates and intervening according to the instructions that are given from time to time. Of course, feedback of masternodes owners / managers is also very important for the team I think.

    The block reward provided by the network for the masternodes is indeed a remuneration for the commitment that is required to the masternodes owners / managers. Some might think that it is a "reward" for the collateral or a reimbursement of expenses for the payment of the VPS, but for my experience as a fan of masternodes industry I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the reward is mainly justified by the commitment which requires the management of the masternodes. Also for the mental effort that is often done to find the solution. So these times when all the masternodes managers share hitches and reboots with the team are physiological and they are part of our task of masternodes managers. And it is also a good experience to engage and manage to properly manage their nodes, solve problems and move on. You learn a lot managing masternodes, for example, you can learn to use a Linux terminal, not a single thing!

    Of course with the latest released scripts the team has made a huge effort and a huge step forward to build a network of masternodes that will better and automatically deal with the next updates, but this does not have to be a justification for the managers to not understand what happens inside the own nodes. So my incentive for masternodes owners / managers is: study the material on Github:
    Register also to Github, follow the project and the team on Github and you will also see the updates that are released in real time and you will see the great work they do at any time of day or night!
    Even if you do not understand the scripts for now, try to read them, document yourself on the web Linux resources and learn so much and you will have the awareness of what happens in your nodes during the updates and you will be able to better deal with these moments (above all you will learn for yourself!). It will be fun I assure you, and after all... if you have chosen to manage masternodes evidently a minimum of pleasure in typing commands on a terminal I guess you have it! 😉

    We go forward! With the Team, with the Community and for the Project! Always!
    💪 😎 👍 💪 😈 👍 🚀 🚀 🚀

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