Masternode Status of Market - 3DC Ranking


    We will soon approach 1500 Masternodes and in light of this milestone I'd like to highlight the significance of this by outlining where we sit in comparison to other coins. It's important to remember that we have reached this number prior to listing, as we weigh up against the 338 coins there are - so where do we sit?

    -As of today 3DC is ranked #24 out of #338 with 1430 Masternodes.

    I imagine before the quarter is out we will have created are larger network than the likes of PIVX, and at this rate we will easily surpass the likes of DASH at 4,740 by the end of the year (rough estimate).

    The rate of which 3DC network has grown is incredible, and only looks to keep charging on. It would not be reasonable to contrast a project pre-listed to another that has been matured over 4-5 years, however the results speak for themselves - 3DC is gaining momentum and will surely be one of the top 10 largest Masternode networks in the not so distant future.

    To put things into perspective;
    Bitcoin has 9,462 Full nodes after a duration of 9 years
    Dash has 4,740 Masternodes after a duration of 4 years
    3DC has 1,429 Masternodes after a duration of 2 months

    Let that sink in.


  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    @mickbit surely it will be a front row seat as regards the number of masternodes, then the market will give the right value to the project. but personally I trust the team and their work


    @tamerlano I think the work the team put in with developing a streamline setup guide and personalised help for Masternode setups has had a significant impact on network growth - They have helped us help the project, and we will all benefit from the collective effort everyone has contributed 🙂

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    @mickbit I agree with you on the fact of the guide on how to activate the masternodes. team availability is out of the question. always present and available and should be supported and encouraged

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