Development update (21/02/2019)

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    Hello everyone,

    The highly anticipated masternode mining and proof of sync development is complete and prior to its release, our new improvement to the deployment process has been established. From now and so on, a permanent fully fledged public test net will be running, with a all kinds of nodes in much larger numbers. Unlike the former private one, where the developers handled alone the entire task to perform broad tests to new versions, anyone, and especially community members, will be able to participate, thus amplify the test effectiveness by many folds, while acquiring a total readiness to new functionalities from the experience.

    To benefit fully from this new implementation and monitor its results to the largest extent, a period of two to three weeks has been set, leading to an effective main net fork that will take place beyond the 450K previously defined trigger block. The beginning will be tomorrow, at which day all information and guides will be published. Activity on the test net, as sending or receiving coins etc ... will be done using the same but updated software as the main net, also, a specific block explorer site has been built and can already be accessed.

    3DCoin's next step in the market will be the listing in CREX24 exchange, one of the two winners of the community vote, it precedes the masternode mining fork only by a few days, once the update deployed and it's stability confirmed, CryptoBridge listing will follow through,leading to a number of three exchanges for 3DCoin, two centralized and one decentralized, and fulfilling the conditional threshold of two exchanges that open the way for the very important listing in, and all what it implies in terms of image.

    Lastly, as many members of our great community observed, the Proof of sync acronym "POS" is similar the the Proof of stake one, and potential confusion could emanate from this semblance among new discoverers of 3DCoin, or even a Déjà vu erratum making them miss the fact that it is a new protocol. Many expressed that the the best way to give it a new name was a community suggestions/vote based solution, and we strongly agree, it is why a special thread will be opened for this mater.

    Thank you for reading.

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Great job team. We are proud to be your supporters.

    For the acronym I would suggest : PoDS ( proof of distribute sync)

  • Very well, as usual, great attention and community involvement by project team, I am sure that the community will squeeze its own words to propose the right names and acronyms to show to the world the innovative protocol you have created! 🚀🚀🚀

  • exceeded today the threshold of 3500 enabled masternodes ... a good way to celebrate the latest news! 😎 😎 😎

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Simply the Best!!

  • congrats

  • Very well, the testnet is live as announced!!!


    more info and details about testnet from this post in our official Telegram group:


    They say to start something fortunate and lasting, start on a new moon 😉 5th to 8th of march is next one.

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