Core Qt 3DCoin Wallet and blocks: How to solve block sync, stuck, split chain problems.

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    Sometimes after wallet software updates or after a network protocol update, it may happen that the wallet on your computer can not synchronize with the latest blocks. To check the current number of blocks, I remind you that it is always useful to consult the explorer at the address you already know:

    If you even doubt that a split of the chain may have occurred (it can happen also in the best blockchains like ours!) the commands for the verification are as follows (check the hash of the current block).
    In the debug console of the QT 3DCoin Core wallet in your pc (Menu: Tools - Debug console) use this command:


    In the browser address bar past this line:

    Compare the two strings obtained from the two commands (debug console and browser) obviously must be the same (try again several times, maybe in the meantime the block has updated, but if you try a couple of times in a few moments and the result is always different then there is something wrong).

    This above is usually the best way to know in one go if you are in sync with the last block and if you are on the right chain (the hash of the block must be the same obviously both in the wallet and in the explorer as said).

    Generally after software updates it is always advisable to do a "fresh / clean wallet install (also with wallet backup restore)" as explained in the guide in the link below:

    Even if those who do a "fresh / clean wallet install (also with wallet backup restore)" should not have subsequent problems of synchronization, in the event that the wallet even after a clean / fresh installation can not synchronize the blocks the first important thing to check is ⚠your Internet connection and your pc firewall⚠ (especially after a software update it is likely that you need to authorize the new wallet in the firewall, so check Windows firewall or any other firewall that may block the wallet connection to Internet) and the second important thing is adding the trusted nodes listed below that is add all the lines below in your 3dcoin.conf file (always in the 3DCoin files directory, you can open the 3dcoin.conf file with the simple Windows notepad or with the more complete and effective Notepad++) and please check again also your firewall of course.

    Here are all the lines to add to the file 3dcoin.conf (always go to the end of the line after each line... a line for each line...):


    If not even with the firewall properly configured and the trusted nodes added you can synchronize your wallet, even after a clean installation, then try this solution below even more drastic.
    Delete all the files below from the main 3dcoin folder (warning! ⚠ do not delete your wallet.dat file and moreover if you have masternodes do not delete your masternode.conf file! ⚠ )


    If you want, you can also delete all the blockchain, deleting the two subfolders below:


    ⚠ All the operations above must be done with wallet closed of course! ⚠

    Then reopen the wallet and wait for the sync.

    We have seen that with this method even the most stubborn wallets can finally unblock the synchronization. Also a very strong stucked wallet unstucks at the end with this method!
    If even so, do not synchronize the blocks then you are doing something wrong in following this guide or your connection has problems (check your connection well and check your firewall again!).
    ⚠ Be careful to perform all operations with caution and always have many backups of your wallet.dat and your masternode.conf ⚠ in other storage media other than your computer (for example in external drives such as external usb sticks and hard drives, never trust a single stick or a single hard-disk of course!). Naturally, you must also always keep your password to unlock the wallet with due care! ⚠ Be careful if you do not want to lose your 3DCoins! ⚠

    Once again I remind you that we also have a guide for a "fresh / clean wallet install (also with wallet backup restore)" at the link below:

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