The V fork online

  • All indicators show a frictionless transition to the new protocol as we can see, 200 blocks have already been mined by the masternodes that are now collecting the entire block reward, and the difficulty is adjusting toward the 1 minute targeted block time. The team is very satisfied with the results of the tests and wishes to thank all participants.

    The 3DCoin network is being tightly monitored. One of the most positive observations is that the Real-time outputs list has a perfect synchronization, and as you know, it is what will allow transactions to be universally instantaneous, not yet used for validation, but will be so in a future update.

    So, Congratulation everybody!



    A big thank you to the team, amazing job... and I am proud to say I have am among those 200 first blocks of this new groundbreaking blockchain tech 😄

    You guys are the best

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