Masternode installation

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    ▶ First Step: Prepare your wallet & Send the 1000 3DC

    A 3DC address with a single transaction of exactly 1000 3DC is required to operate a masternode. Once it has been sent, various keys regarding the transaction must be extracted for later entry in a configuration file as proof that the transaction was completed successfully. A masternode can be started the official 3DCoin Core wallet, This guide will describe the steps for 3DCoin Core.

    Sending from 3DCoin Core wallet
    Open 3Dcoin Core wallet and wait for it to synchronize with the network. It should like this when ready:

    alt text

    Fully synchronized 3DCoin Core wallet

    Click Tools > Debug console to open the console. Type the following two commands into the console to generate a masternode key and get a fresh address:

    masternode genkey
    getaccountaddress <name address>

    Take note of the masternode private key and collateral address, since we will need it later. The next step is to secure your wallet (if you have not already done so).
    First, encrypt the wallet by selecting Settings > Encrypt wallet. You should use a strong, new password that you have never used somewhere else.
    Take note of your password and store it somewhere safe or you will be permanently locked out of your wallet and lose access to your funds.
    Next, back up your wallet file by selecting File > Backup Wallet. Save the file to a secure location physically separate to your computer, since this will be the only way you can access our funds if anything happens to your computer.

    Now send exactly 1000 3DC in a single transaction to the account address you generated in the previous step. This may be sent from another wallet, or from funds already held in your current wallet.

    then Click Settings> Options>Wallet
    Enable coin control features


    Click on Inputs


    ▶ Check if your transaction is Locked
    ▶If it's not locked click on Lock unspent
    Same Steps for each new Masternode.☑


    Once the transaction is complete, view the transaction in a blockchain explorer by searching for the address. You will need 15 confirmations before you can start the masternode, but you can continue with the following step already.

    ▶ Second Step: Install 3DCoin Core

    3DCoin Core is the software behind both the 3DCoin Core GUI wallet and 3DCoin masternodes. If not displaying a GUI, it runs as a daemon on your VPS (3dcoind), controlled by a simple command interface (3dcoin-cli).

    Open PuTTY or a console again and connect using the username and password you just created for your new, root user. to install 3DCoin Core, follow this steps.

    To automatically download and install the components of your 3DCoin masternode.

    To build from source Follow this steps:

    open putty, connect to your vps, login as root, and copy this following command:

    curl -O >

    IP VPS: enter your ip vps
    RPC USER: enter any string of numbers or letters, no special characters allowed
    PASSWORD: enter any string of numbers or letters, no special characters allowed
    PRIVATEKEY MASTERNODE: this is the private key you generated from your wallet debug console

    To check your masternode synchronization status:

    3dcoin-cli mnsync status

    When synchronisation is complete, you should see the following response:

    "AssetID": 999,
    "Attempt": 0,
    "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
    "IsMasternodeListSynced": true,
    "IsWinnersListSynced": true,
    "IsSynced": true,
    "IsFailed": false

    ▶ Last Step: Masternode Configuration

    Get back to your 3dcoin desktop wallet.

    Click on Tools→Debug console:

    masternode outputs

    alt text

    Click on Tools→Open Masternode Configuration File

    alt text

    Save it & go to settings->Options→wallet

    Check: Show Masternode tab

    alt text

    Restart the wallet,
    check Masternode node tab.

    alt text

    to start your masternode, Click on "start missing"

    Now your masternode is up and running

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