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    Great! This bike is fantastic, there are others of yours that I like but I don't want to vote right away, I prefer to wait for a complete overview, but I couldn't not vote for this bike instantly! A vintage bike that rears up, I vote without thinking twice! however, also the style you used for this very good, very vintage comic, also very cafe racer, I love it!

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    Hi all!!!
    Great team and community need great stickers!!


  • @Youcef-districts ![0_1553724268103_PicsArt_03-27-10.31.00.png](Uploading 100%)

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    Hey! you can vote for more than one sticker 👍

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    Come on 😂

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    very nice! a bit of irony is very welcome, especially when it comes to stickers! 😄 😉

  • Hi 3Dcoin community
    this is my participation
    just hold 🙂
    alt text

  • alt text

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    Hello good idea and good work! I love robots and even vintage 3D glasses are fantastic! 😄

  • How to submit my entry? can i already upload them on Telegram?

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    Hi, you can submit here your sticker or your stickers 🙂

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    Some small personal suggestions if it can be of help for the participants of the stickers contest that maybe they do not know very well the project or have not attended assiduously the community.

    1. Surely Virtual Reality is the main topic of the project, so maybe some characters or even some comic versions of team members with VR headset can be an idea! 😄

    2. The masternodes also have a notable importance also because of the innovative protocol based only on the masternodes which is another peculiarity of the project, in particular the masternodes have totally replaced the miners, so some ironic sticker maybe even comparing mining and masternodes could be suitable, but of course with the utmost respect for the mining activity and with the utmost respect for the miners who have kept our network active and secure for almost a year and who have also become members of our community and fans of the project, some of them have also become masternode owners/operators, in short the miners have all our respect and therefore any stickers that ironically contrast masternodes and mining will have to show due respect for this important and traditional activity linked to the blockchains.

    3. One of the characteristics of the project for many months that the old members of the community remember was that 3DCoin could be mined only with normal home computers in "cpu solo" mode (there were users who mined with laptops for months!) so for example a sticker showing the evolution of the type "from cpu solo home mining... to professional gpu/rig mining in pools... to masternodes mining" (although technically we know that the masternode blocks creation is a different protocol but we talk about mining just to simplify the concept) could be a nice idea ... give space to your imagination if you like the idea.

    4. Another characteristic is that in just one year the incredible number of over 4000 masternodes has been reached ... not usual for other projects ... other particularity on which a sticker could be made! 😎

    5. In the Telegram group we have the habit of giving a "good morning" every day and we have commands in the bot with which, for example, writing the command !3dcoffee the bot responds with emoticons in the shape of a cup of coffee ☕ with missiles 🚀 ... even with of "petrol pumps" ⛽ as if petrol were added to coffee to make it more powerful ... these are things I played on and often joke about (both on the question of good morning and on coffee) because I am Italian and we Italians we are lovers of very short and strong (or "ristretto") coffee! ☕ ☕ ☕⛽ ⛽ ⛽ 🚀 🚀 🚀

    6. The V14 update was and is decisive for the project, so also something that could call this writing ... for example "V14 is among us" or even ironically "when V14?" could be a nice sticker!

    7. The exchange question has made us suffer and makes us suffer a lot, the exchanges are in general one of the thorniest issues in the whole crypto world and in our project, given the preponderance of the development activity, there was a prolongation of the listing that although for most of the community it has never been a problem because the tireless work and the seriousness of the team and the fact that this is an "experimental" project to which it is not possible to apply the classic schemes is also evident to the user more "newbie" but nevertheless the lack of exchanges before and the current temporary lack of so-called "noble" exchanges was a reason for nervousness for some more impatient users so for example I would make an ironic sticker about this, the best way to deal with even the thorny issues is the irony ... then the classic "when exchange?" or a nice "fruit and vegetable" kiosk selling "exchange is open" could be a way to play down. In Italy there are walking kiosks on three-wheeled vehicles with a cabin and a body called "ape" (bee) or "motoape" (motorcycle bee), considering the considerable presence of an Italian community in the project, it can be a nice starting point for ironically representing an exchange1 😄

    8. Another feature known above all to the masternodes operators that assiduously follow the project has been the continuous release of important updates, this has sometimes been difficult to follow for some members of the community, therefore also on these numerous updates (in particular the first months of 2019 are been a bombing of updates even after a few days of each other) could be ironically nice. You could draw a team member who shoots upgrades with an old cannon or some boxes with the words "no airdrop just another update" that are launched with a parachute ... (even if several airdrops have been made in reality, even repeated a few weeks later but this is another story) you can do so much with imagination and irony! Even the wallets have therefore received numerous updates ... another useful idea! 😉

    These are just a few points for personal reflection, I'm not good at drawing, if I had been I would have certainly used some of these ideas. if you like these ideas you can freely take inspiration, irony as long as it is respectful and not rude will certainly be appreciated, as you are already doing the rest! 😉 👍

    I hope I have further stimulated your imagination, even if you have already shown that you don't need it. But as I said I can't draw, but I'm very excited about this sticker contest and so I wanted to give my contribution in some way with some ideas... 🙂

    Have fun! 😉

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