Dev update 17/04/2019

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    Hi Everyone,
    The team has made encouraging progress over the last six months. We had planned to share all the progress once the development was complete, but I noticed that some 3DCoiners can use some good news to keep going.

    Let's start with the 3DC liquidity.
    Task #1
    The Team is cooperating with banks/investment firms in the UAE to provide a stable liquidity global exchange starting from Dubai(Asia) and Malta (Europe), making 3DCoin easy to buy and sell with cash. One of the benefits of this measure is that it'll help people transfer their funds internationally in the least expensive way possible.

    Task #2
    We want to present one of the strongest aspects of 3DC, a blockchain network acting as a Dapps platform that can provide efficient and fully automated payments and contracts to the daily uses such as travelling, food and transportation, so the first Dapp made by the core team will be a p2p booking service that offers more advantage to costumes and hotels.

    The second Dapp is a truly decentralized exchange made by the 3DC smart script, and being based on the open-source philosophy, it will be in the forefront in terms of true volume, safety, soft fees, and overall transparency.

    The third is an online VR compatible pvp game, just like the exchange and booking Dapps, it will be prime node hosted, using a data capsule and Dapp token. Gaming being a huge part of the internet culture, this product will contribute to the spreading of the 3DCoin name among gamers, and educate about all what the blockchain technology can bring to the table, as it will manage every side of the game, program, hosting, in game currency.
    These are the current hustles of the team, and as always, we thank you for your support.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Glad to hear such wonderful news . The future is haed and we will grab all the success this great project deserves.

  • @Zain great news, go on like this!

  • Very well, the team always shows how to have clear ideas, so all the way to the future! 😎 😎 😎 🚀 🚀 🚀

  • This is a fukkin great project 😎.Thk team for the good work

  • I like the vision the project team has and you have all my support 👍


    Home Run guys - im going to 'coin' the term (nice pun) for a decentralized application game - a 'Dame' 🙂

    So we got a Dex in the works, a 'Dame', direct line of investment banking, and p2p booking service on the go.

    On top of that - a hybrid masternode with industry first solutions solving both the high energy consumption issue of PoW, and the circulation issue of PoS. Not to mention 51% attack resistance and Instant transactions.

    I'd like people to consider these amazing features other projects in the game are struggling to simply tick just one of these boxes. 3DC is the fastest blockchain, while many well known projects boast about their 'visa-like' speeds. Districts powered by Unreal Engine 4, while mana and others look like a cartoon indie game. 0x protocol ZRX, focusing all their efforts on one task - yet for 3DC it's but a single feature among what will be a open world of vast diversity and features. We could go on, but at every turn this project pulls out the trump card and says "this is how it should be done".

    We ain't in the full beam of the spotlight - yet, and a Giant from a far distance will appear to be smaller than an ant. We are walking with a Giant folks - right towards the distant crowd.

    Great work team - as always, above and beyond the norm - a true leader and innovator.