Dev update 09/06/2019

  • administrators

    Hello Everyone,

    We are happy to inform everyone that an agreement has been stuck between us and cyrex24 exchange, still, it will be effective after the update which we are working hard to achieve.
    even if the testing results are great so far, we want to give it more testing time before applying it, due to its sensitive content, also we want to optimize some features to simplify coinmarketcap integration and other exchanges in the future.

    What's new in v0.14.5

    Soft fork: Blocks mined by the previous version still can be validated until all the network is updated.
    Added to the block: Dapps ownership transactions, Objets transaction(Districts Tokens).
    Added to the block header: Miner pubic key, Miner signature, Dapps Root Hash, Objects Root Hash.

    Masternode(Ranking, List/Payments Sync)
    Reducing the memory/CPU usage.

    Governance objects, PS/IS related functions.

    Finally, after completing the Regtest/debug, the v014.5 will be available on the testnet, the release will be soon after.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Global Moderator

    Very well, we know that you are putting the utmost care into your work and that is exactly what we expect and need, care and quality, without haste.
    We enjoy the journey with you, the way to go is still very long for such a futuristic and visionary project and we want to enjoy it all, because the meaning of the journey is in the journey itself and not only in the goal to be reached. But the goals to be achieved here are many, some already carried out even if unexpected like the innovative consensus protocol based only on masternodes that in a few days will do 3 months of work without problems, and only with the necessary dedication and seriousness that you demonstrate in any situation you will succeed in bringing us into the fantastic virtual world that you have imagined and that you are also creating for us.
    Thank you for what you and your team are doing for our 3DCommunity but also for innovation in the blockchain industry, masternode sector and virtual reality and immersive experiences industry.


  • Very well guys! 👏 I saw that there are also new updates on Trello board, so I am very satisfied to see that the team works at full capacity and without stopping.
    Now I see that in about 8 days the enabled masternodes have increased by 100 units 😁 I continue to be amazed by this growth that does not stop and this says a lot about the community's commitment to support the project and the team! 💪
    Glad to be with you from the beginning 😉 and proud to be a 3dcoin masternode owner! 😎