5000 masternodes enabled in just over a year from the 3DCoin genesis block !!!

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Yesterday the historical goal of over 5000 masternodes enabled 🚀 and today... it's nice to wake up 🙂 in a world with over 5000 3dcoin masternodes who work at full capacity, producing the blocks themselves... over 5k "block producers" 😄😎


    I say jokingly "block producers" because tomorrow is the third month since our new "Proof of Sync" consensus protocol was activated, therefore, for almost three months the masternodes have been the only ones to create the blocks, as POW mining has been decommissioned in our blockchain.
    And now with this new goal we can say that we have over 5000 dynamic "block producers" (although I do not like the term being typical of the "DPOS" systems but it is precisely to point out the clear difference with the small number of static nodes that create blocks in "dpos" networks which as we know are therefore little or not at all decentralized).

    Congratulations to all (Team and 3DCommunity) for the great result in such a short time!!!