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    The world of Districts presents itself as a technological hub and an open space of new perspectives for the artists of the future.

    The Project Districts virtual platform, formed by the client for immersive reality experiences DVS (Districts Visual Studio) in development and by a robust architecture consisting of a triple blockchain efficient, fast, economic and eco-friendly as it is equipped with an innovative consensus protocol “Proof of Sync” managed exclusively by the masternodes (without traditional mining), it offers at least three main areas of use for the expression of the talent and capabilities of the artists of the future but also of the artists of today already projected to the future and with enthusiasm await to be able to experience the incredible possibilities can offer a platform of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and extended reality (XR and not only VR / AR / MR so if we want to include all kinds of immersive experience) combined with the now known and undeniable advantages that the whole world is now talking about offered by blockchain: timestamping, notary, NFT, data certainty and irreversibility of records (that are economic transactions or other) transferability of real and digital assets in a trustless and decentralized manner. Moreover, we cannot fail to point out how it can be “disruptive” to eliminate the third intermediary in the field of the art market.

    First area of use: Cryptoart, a topic that is much talked about lately, which was well defined by Jason Bailey (see note 1) and on which it is not necessary to go into detail here because it is already an extremely vast topic, what is important to emphasize here is that the Districts World will offer not only the possibility to which most blockchain projects are turning to inextricably link the ownership of the work to the possession (anonymous, decentralized) of a “non-fungible token” (see note 2) and you can think of the crypto-collectibles for example, but the Districts World will offer to the artist and fans of the sector the opportunity to meet virtually and at any time, remaining comfortably at home and simply wearing a VR headset, to negotiate and exchange directly within the virtual worlds of Districts, exchanging the corresponding value in 3DCoin through its own 3DC wallets available within the virtual environment and they can do it at any time of the day without any kind of space-time constraint. Therefore the Districts World will be able to offer both a virtual meeting space for artists and collectors outside the classic scheme of the “exhibition market” or of the organized auction (of course there may also be these initiatives in the virtual world but they will be an extra possibility not a mandatory limit) is the possibility of the exchange of value guaranteed by the blockchain also with the use of NFT tokens.

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    Second area of use: Any artistic sector ie museums, exhibitions and events of any kind, including traditional art, museums, art workshops, auction houses, all these traditional spaces where Art is born and spreads can be transposed in the virtual space of Districts and can have the guarantee of value transactions and transfer of ownership of the works thanks to the 3DCoin blockchain and 3DC cryptocurrency.

    Third area of use: VR art. In recent years, various technologies are flourishing (for example Google Tilt Brush) that have contributed to the emergence of a new artist figure, the VR artist. They are artists who mix the visual exhibition with the traditional figurative arts thanks to the use of headset and of hardware controllers that become brushes or chisels and the creation of the work becomes even a sort of dance during artistic creation.

    We will be happy to offer to the VR artists from around the world a high-level, accessible, affordable VR / AR / MR / XR platform, where there will be no barriers to expressing their artistic flair and even in this case the possibility to have available in the virtual environment all the tools and guarantees that a modern decentralized blockchain can offer in terms of economic remuneration of the artist. Just think how many people can participate in the event of a VR artist who performs without space limitations and with the ease of real-time purchase of the ticket thanks to the 3DCoin wallet that will magically appear in the virtual environment to carry out the transaction and therefore via smart contract the blockchain itself will transfer the ticket collection sold directly to the artist’s wallet!

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    The doors of the Districts World will then open in a not too distant future and which increasingly resembles reality in at least 3 different directions (and we have limited ourselves to the most easily understood examples) to artists from all over the world, who are cryptoartists, VR artists or traditional artists, we are building a space that is a “non-place”, without limits, without space-time boundaries to free the Art from any constraint and at the same time enhancing it in terms of ownership and transferability of rights (including rights of economic exploitation of the work) thanks to the guarantees offered by a modern decentralized blockchain whose functions today are beginning to be recognized also by some legislations that begin to regulate the legal effects of smartcontracts and transfers of value and digital goods or digitalized real goods entered into on DLT networks such as the blockchains.

    We are preparing a new home for Art and artists from around the world!

    Welcome to the future with Project Districts and 3DCoin!

    Artwork created for our project by the cryptoartist “passione.43”

    The image above is just an example of cryptoart themed with our project, an artwork 3DCoin and Project Districts themed created for us by the cryptoartist “passione.43”. You can also follow his work on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/passione.43/


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