Should I be running other types of nodes besides the Masternodes?

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    I'm seeing that there are "Pulse Nodes" and "Prime Nodes" in addition to "Master Nodes" for 3DC Coin. I happily mined 3DC Coin when there was POW mining but that is over now. So I now run a pretty good handful of Master Nodes. Each one staked with 1000 of my 3DC Coins that I acquired during the mining phase. I've been launching new Master Nodes each time I get another 1000 coins from the earnings I've been accumulating from my active Masternodes. Now I am reading that after block 800,000 Masternodes will require a 25,000 Coin stake but that you will be able to spend that stake at some point (If I understood the White Paper correctly?) and continue running the Masternode without a stake. It is also my understanding that current Masternodes that are up and running when we hit block 800,000 will be grandfathered in and won't need to post a 25K stake. So I am wondering several things...

    1. Does a Pulse Node pay out? And if so does it pay more or less then a Master node? Also, does it require a 3DC Coin stake to set-up? And if so how many coins?
    2. Ditto for the Prime Nodes
    3. After Block 800, 000 having all of my Master Nodes grandfathered in. After they receive their first payment will I also be able to remove the 1000 coin stake from them?

    Thank you so much for enlightening me. I have read the white paper over several times and the above questions are still not clear to me.


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    Hi @Kresp

    First, Pulse node is designed to validate the object chain of Districts, it won't be available before the Districts release and there is no reward from blocks like the masternodes.

    The stake system after block 800k will change from a permanent stake of 1000 3DC to a temporary 25000 3DC that will be used as a security collateral for every new (Prime/Masternode) and allow nodes(old and new) to spend the collateral after the validation is completed.

    We changed the staking system to build a faster and more efficient network that can run a high-quality dapps instead of locking coins away like other masternode networks.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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