Anything Special I need to do when switching servers?

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    So I have 10 Masternodes set up under a fairly expensive VPS service. I am going to move them over to a cheaper VPS service. Just checking to see if there is anything special I need to do? I've already done it so hopefully I didn't screw things up too bad.

    1. I created the 10 new servers.
    2. Installed the 3DC Coin Masternode software on them. I opened 10 putty windows and initated the software installation on all 10 servers pretty much simultaneously. Of course on each installation I provided one of the 10 different unique Masternode Private Keys.
    3. While the software was installing I went to my old VPS and destroyed all 10 servers.
    4. Then I opened the 3DC Local wallet and chose to edit the Masternode Configuration file. I updated the IP numbers on the 10 Masternodes in question. Closed the Wallet. Then saved the Masternode Configuration file.
    5. Re-opened the wallet. The 10 Masternodes still say enabled at the moment but my putty windows show the install ongoing. Meaning they can't possibly be online yet. So I assume at some point the wallet will show the 10 Masternodes as needing to be re-started? At which time I will re-start them.

    I assume they will be treated as new Masternodes coming online and will need to wait their turn to get back in line for payments? Unless the payments are done by Masternode Private Key rather then IP Number? In which case it may appear as though they never went offline but for a few minutes?

    Just wondering what the ramifications of what I did were? I can't think of a better way to have handled it... Although I'm open to any constructive advice/criticism.

    Thanks for reading. I know it was a bit lengthy. Just trying to understand things better.


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    Update: So the 10 did show "Expired" under the Masternodes tab after a bit. I went ahead and re-started them and they now say "Pre-Enabled". Actually now only 3 of them say that. The other 7 say "Enabled". So we'll see.

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    @Kresp You must start your masternodes using the new IP address, this is what did you miss.

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    On Line 4 is where I mentioned updating the IP numbers. I did do that. I didn't actually restart them though. But after they all expired I did go ahead and restart them so I think I'm good at the moment.

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