Masternode Rewards seem to have stopped???

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    I was getting masternode rewards in a fairly regular pattern. I had 23 Masternodes set up and I would get 5 to 7 rewards from about a fourth of the nodes each day. Here is a screen shot of the transactions in my wallet.

    8/29 - 7 rewards (Not all shown in the image)
    8/30 - 8 rewards
    8/31 - 6 rewards
    9/01 - 6 rewards
    9/02 - 2 rewards

    It was on 9/1 that I switched 10 of them over to new servers. However the other 13 were not switched. So even if the switch affected the 10 being switched it should not have affected the other 13. Since 9/1 I have only received 2 rewards on 9/2. I have gone 9 days since 9/2 without any rewards. I have since set up a 24th Masternode and all 24 show ENABLED in my wallet under the Masternode TAB. When I log into the VPS servers of the original 13 that were not switched and execute "3dcoin-cli mnsync status" it reports "IsSynced": true, "IsFailed": false.

    I understand that the 10 new ones probably are not ready to give out rewards yet... Having only been 9 days. But the 13 that were not changed should have continued producing rewards without a hitch? I would have thought.

    For example I looked at one of the 13, "Frangel", and it produced a reward on the following dates:
    08/24 (4 Day interval)
    08/27 (3 Day interval)
    08/30 (3 Day interval)

    So it should have produced one on or around 9/2. But it did not. It has not produced anything since 8/30.

    Just for fun I'll spot check another one, "Buldor", this is one that produced a reward on 9/2 but was one of the original 13 that was not moved to another server.

    08/22 (3 Day interval)
    08/25 (3 Day interval)
    08/29 (4 Day interval)
    09/02 (4 Day interval)

    But nothing after 9/2.

    So is this anything I should be worrying about? Or is it normal??? It doesn't seem exactly normal to me. I had a regular pattern going. Rewards every 3 to 4 days. Maybe it was more like every 3 days and then as more Masternodes were added to the project they stretched out to every 4 days. But it has been 9 days and I haven't received anything from any of the 24 Masternodes I am running. 10 days for the 10 Masternodes I switched to new servers on the afternoon of 9/1.

    Anyway... just wondering if I should be doing something to get them back on track?


  • Hello @Kresp
    there is probably something to check in your masternodes, because I confirm that the rewards are regular at the moment every 4 days and 20 hours according to the statistics reported in the sites Masternodes Online and Masternodes Pro (except the first reward after the first start or after the new start of a masternode which arrives after about 10-12 days currently with over 6700 masternodes enabled).

    Since your rewards do not come, it is useless for me to tell you to delete the usual infamous "mncache.dat" file in the control wallet folder in your computer, after all it is a procedure you already know and that should always be done before a check, but if the rewards they don't come then there's something wrong I think...

    The first quick check I would tell you to do is check your payee address here:
    (here you can put also the IP if you prefer)

    and here (in this site you can only search your node IP address with CTRL+F browser search in the list):

    Another alternative check that you can do to get rid of the doubt is to use the following command in the terminal of a paying node to check the non-paying nodes, put the txid of a non-paying node (but the command you have to use it on the VPS of a paying node).

    3dcoin-cli masternode list | grep txid

    (put the txid of the collateral in place of "txid", the txid of the masternode you want to check)

    If in these explorers your nodes are enabled then you can only wait for rewards, maybe they have temporarily gone offline and been skipped.

    If something is wrong with those explorers (expired, missing, new start required), then you will need to go to this guide:

    Let me know! 😉

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    Thanks Michele for the reply. I haven't checked every last one of the 23 Masternodes using your methods but I did spot check several of them both old and the new ones that I had recently switched. Every one of them that I check in either of the explorers you mentioned or putting the grep command in my VPS. They all come back saying the node is ENABLED. So I will give it a few more days and see what happens? Hopefully they all get back in line and start working normally.


  • @Kresp ok then you will just have to wait for rewards, there is nothing else you can do, let me know 😉

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    I decided to monitor my masternodes using MNO. I created an account and added my IP addresses to it. I am concerned and confused about the status report it gives me. See this image.

    While the status is ENABLED. It indicates that the Masternode is not found in the masternode list. Based on the key below.

    MN List Key: Inactive
    Status Key: Online (ENABLED)

    So... I do believe something needs to be done. I am just not sure what. Because all of these installations were done after May 2019. So they are all running the latest software.

    Just let me know. I'm willing to do the unstuck procedure but is that really what I need to do?

  • @Kresp Hi, I believe that masternodes online has some problems just today related to 3DC because in the main page of 3DC stats next to the number of active masternodes if you click on status overview you get an error instead of the classic pie chart. So I guess there is something not in sync in masternodes online 3DC stats.

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