Dev update 18 Sep 2019

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    Hello everyone,

    After a deep analysis from our new marketing team, we found a necessity of changing our marketing strategy to build a strong foundation for the project especially in the upcoming update which is crucial for the project progress.

    The new business plan execution will be based on two pillars:

    The first pillar: Project Development:

    The results show that our project strength is the Blockchain, a powerful technology that will provide solutions to the cryptocurrency industry and its integration in real-world applications.
    For this reason, we must apply a strategy that focuses on the intrinsic value of 3DCoin and the upcoming fork(v0.15).

    The second pillar is the community, is the main leader of the project and his actions will affect positively or negatively the face of the project, for that we have to work together to create a trustworthy investment atmosphere.

    The last meeting with our marketing team was enlightening, we found that we followed an inefficient strategy and we must improve our ability to communicate effectively and follow a business plan with priorities. I believe this team will set me free as a developer and guide the community to lead the project to success.

    The marketing team will publish the first step in a short time.

    Thank you for reading.

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