The beginning of a new journey

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    Hello 3DCoiners

    We are exited to be part of this exceptional and huge project, our mission is to build an affective business plan and work with the 3DCoin community to become the full power of the project.

    We have found that the technical part of the project is strongly growing when the marketing and the community didn't follow the same path, that's why we had to prepare ourselves for the transformation of our ambitious project because the next patches will bring many innovations to the crypto universe, where we need a conscious and well-informed community behind.

    The first task in our plan is to improve our communication and make the best use of our platforms as following:

    Engage with us on using your favorite social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit; because every small action such us like, share or retweet make a big difference and reflect the community implication which will be an influential tools in our marketing actions.

    3dctalk its our great forum dedicate to technical problems, developers proposal, and community ideas, we encourage every one to subscribe to follow the development updates.

    Future announcements, media, events, partnerships, etc..., will be published in Medium.

    Telegram and Discord is our space where we share ideas, news or anything related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. A few jokes won't kill you.

    "Alone we do so little, together we do so much"
    -Helen Keller

    "Whatever the difficulties we face, I always feel that my community have my back and that's what keeps me going forward."

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Good luck for new journey. Our Community is strong and healthy...we will succeed

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Great !! 🙂
    We are with you.


    Great Initiative and direction 😄 We have such a strong community and the best crypto project in the world and together we will achieve so much. It's been an amazing journey with you all over the years as this fruit ripens and develops into it's form, even absent of the Districts proto-type this 3DC as a stand-alone is a revolutionary industry break-thru that is starting to turn heads.

    As an analogy, this race car is overtaking network dominance and technical capability, and this is just the first gear. Looking forward to revisiting some old ideas and sharing new ones 🙂