Fork Hot-fix update(v0.14.6.2) 23 Oct 2019

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    Hi everyone,

    This last fork was a result of a bug caused by the new algorithm POSync, we are working on improving the security to make sure this kind of bugs won't happen again. For this reason, we have to delay the 800k until POSync is secure and ready to take the next step.

    How to join the main chain network?

    If your node is already on mainchain(Check install the update and start the daemon.

    If your node is on the wrong chain, stop the daemon, install the update, delete these directories/files:


    Start the v0.14.6.2 daemon, it's normal if the initial synchronization will take more than usual.

    Do the same thing if you are using the QT app before you start your masternodes.

    The deposits/withdraw on exchanges will be suspended until full recovery of the mainchain.

    Thank you for patience.

  • New release: 3DCoin Core v0.14.6.2

    as the various versions for the various systems are added, you will find everything at this link:

    or always use this link which always downloads the latest version:

    Here are all the releases:

    ‼️ Do not use other links to download! Pay attention to the scam attempts of those who write you in private, nobody on the team writes you privately to send links or anything, the information is given in public. There is NOT support accounts! Beware to scammers! ⚠

  • To check if you are on the right chain (that of as indicated in the first post), here is a quick way to verify the hash of the block (try after the wallet is in sync)

    Wallet / PC side
    "In the debug console of the QT 3DCoin Core wallet in your pc (Menu: Tools - Debug console) use this command:


    In the browser address bar past this line:

    Compare the two strings obtained from the two commands (debug console and browser) obviously must be the same (try again several times, maybe in the meantime the block has updated, but if you try a couple of times in a few moments and the result is always different then there is something wrong)."

    Masternode / VPS side

    A verification of the sync of blocks can be done with the following command without the need to open the browser but directly only on the VPS:

    3dcoin-cli getbestblockhash && curl -s

    the result will be such a thing for example:


    (this result refers to the historical block of the fork 475000 and it's only an example!)

    The first and second series of numbers must be the same, if they are not the same try again a couple of times ... if they continue to be different then there is a problem of sync ... in the case in which just at that moment the explorer should be offline, the command may not work, but you can also check the number of current blocks in the information menu of the wallet in your pc. The commands getblockcount and getbestblockhash also work in the "debug console" of pc wallet.

  • Could you please give 8 addnode blockchain from the developer

  • @fantom1962 said in Fork Hot-fix update(v0.14.6.2) 23 Oct 2019:

    Could you please give 8 addnode blockchain from the developer

    You can find many working peers / addnodes through the 3DC page on Masternodes Online (scroll down the page and select the appropriate link "show 3DC addnodes" in the section "MNO 3DC WALLET INFO" on the 3DCoin page of Masternodes Online).

  • We underline the importance of having the software updated to the latest version available v0.14.6.2 both on the pc side (wallet) and on the VPS side (masternode) and to have masternodes started with the new 70218 protocol, as already indicated during the AMA on Telegram:

  • 🔔🔔🔔 Reminder for masternodes operators/owners ℹℹℹ

    The 800k block was exceeded a few hours ago, so now we are within the range of blocks in which the masternodes operators must be particularly careful as their masternodes must obtain at least one reward between the 800k block and the 850k block and of course must be always updated to the latest version available (always verifiable by the "latest" link shown below, at this time it is v0.14.6.2 released on October 23rd) and as said several times the masternodes must have been started with the new 70218 protocol already released in October and must be in ENABLED status at block 850k.
    So masternodes operators/owners please follow our Telegram chat group daily and above all always keep an eye on the pinned message at the top of the chat group.
    Also in all our other channels ( forum, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, BitcoinTalk topic) you will be updated as more updates are released. But our official Telegram group remains the main information channel.
    I repeat: your masternodes must always be updated to the latest available release, started with the last available protocol, they must have received at least one reward after block 800k and before block 850k and must be in ENABLED status at block 850k.
    All this serves to "not lose" the qualification of masternode for masternodes activated with the current collateral of 1000 3DC, when (after block 850k) the collateral will become 25k coins.

    Be careful ⚠️ and present ✅ then! Be true 3DCoin masternodes operators! 😎😉

    You can always find the latest version here:


    🔎 📚
    How to check masternode version and check autoupdate if installed and activated on VPS:

    🔎 📚
    Sync and chain check on the VPS side:

    📚📚📚 All masternodes guides collection:

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