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    Weekly AMA with Zine Laabidine Rezig, CEO, founder, software architect and lead developer of 3DCoin / Project Districts, held on Friday 01 November 2019.

    This is a weekly AMA, so every week, every Friday, unless exceptional cases that will be communicated in advance, or unexpected events, an AMA will take place in our official international/english Telegram group.

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    Please note: Some questions and answers have been selected and partly reworked and listed in different order or grouped by topic for editorial reasons and in general for better readability and usability, in short, an editorial cut is given but without the intention of distorting the meaning and the content.
    Some questions are transversal to the various main topics so they have been grouped under a topic that has been considered suitable but could also be read in reference to other topics.
    For what concerns any upcoming / future partnerships, any anticipations discussed in the chat during the AMA that mentions possible names of other parties/entities (for example, other companies or exchanges) awaiting official announcements could be left out of the log as it is to be considered an informal discussion in chat and so for now we leave them to the informality of a chat.
    The main purpose of this log is to provide users with all the technical topics discussed in order to have any answers to technical and operational issues at hand, so the rest of the topics not strictly related to technical / operational questions may not find space in this log at the discretion of the content editor.
    However, the entire original AMA can be viewed in full, starting from the following message in the official Telegram group:

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    As happened for the previous AMA, this time too during the previous days the users of the Telegram group had the chance to post their questions in advance, so a list of questions was prepared to be answered at the beginning of the AMA. Then of course further questions were asked live during the AMA.
    The list of questions collected before the AMA is available at this direct link in our Telegram group:

    🔵 Brief overview of the topics of this AMA 🔵

    Even this AMA, although held on a holiday day for many countries, therefore with a lower public participation, was in any case much awaited as further details were expected on the upcoming planned fork, which as announced during this AMA was extended from the 800k block to the 850k block, furthermore, the maturity requirements for the masternodes activated with the current collateral of only 1000 coins have been modified, with a change to the more favorable conditions for everyone, in order to overcome the splitchain problems that occurred in October that required a great commitment to the team and to the masternodes operators but immediately solved thanks to a timely important update immediately released therefore the network is stabilizing.
    The AMA was therefore very technical and there was talk of masternode requirements (the new collateral mechanism) and of the difficulty retarget algorithm but also of "sporks" (a concept similar to "forks" and well known to fans of the masternodes sector).
    From the marketing point of view some previews were given about the video material that the team would like to prepare shortly, as our users have always appreciated demo videos very much.

    🔷 AMA's Questions and answers 🔷

    🔹 Questions and answers related to the upcoming 3DCoin fork/update, Masternodes and Proof Of Sync consensus🔹

    What updates are there regarding the 3DCoin fork initially scheduled for the 800k block?

    We had to change the fork block to 850k due to the last network split so everyone will have a chance to activate their masternodes before the hard-fork.

    Can you explain the requirements necessary to keep the 3DCoin masternodes activated with only 1k 3DC even after the fork when instead the collateral will become 25k coins as already announced?

    The collateral mechanism will replaced by the last payment/reward in 50k block. If the node fails to receive at least 1 payment/reward in the last 50k blocks, the masternode must start again with new collateral of 25k which will therefore be requested starting from the 850k block.
    (Note: We remind you that after the fork we will introduce two new innovative concepts in absolute preview in the masternode sector and that is the "temporary and unlockable collateral" which serves only as an antispam for the activation of the nodes and the "tokenization" of the ownership of the 3DC masternodes that will be transferable as a kind of NFT through the 3DCoin wallet and in particular through the "smart scripts", that is, innovative and user friendly "smart contracts" that will be introduced by 3DCoin.)

    So if I understood correctly a 3DCoin masternode activated with the 1k 3DC collateral and that should take only one payment/reward between the 800k block and the 850k block will be valid?
    And at the 850k block height during the fork in what status should it be to be considered valid? Protocol updated at 70218 and started with the new protocol for example and in ENABLED status?

    Yes, this is the new collateral mechanism. Before and after the fork, it is the same system.

    When can we expect the fork as a period? Until we can plausibly setup new masternodes with only a thousand coins according to the expectations of the dev team?

    Around 40 to 50 days.

    So theoretically (without considering any node down) around 42 days from today (1 november) the block 850k should appear.
    Considering actual number of masternodes, the time limit to start a new masternode and to obtain at least one payment/reward could be November 20th, but you can consider November 15th a safer time limit (obviously except for unexpected events).
    Do you consider these calculations reasonable if we take into account the current number of nodes and the current daily average of the blocks?

    Yes, correct!
    (Note: If the block time decreases and/or the number of nodes increases these calculations would no longer be valid, in addition to any unexpected events, so there are many factors that could reduce the time limit for the activation of the new 3DCoin masternodes with only 1k 3DC as collateral.)

    The 3DCoin update v0.15 ie the programmed fork / update, technically corresponds to the activation of a "spork"? (eg spork n. 15?)
    Generally speaking, regardless of 3DCoin, you think that the system of "sporks" derived from Dash is technically a kind of "self-amending protocol" which guarantees a scheduled, smooth, gradual updating of the network and also consensual between the nodes? So a self-amending blockchain mechanism already functioning and consolidated for years?

    Yes, a self-amending blockchain is used on many blockchains to minimize the risks of forking the chain every time a bug is found, the developer sends a signed message to all the network to stop the exploit until the next update.
    We use spork 15 to enable/disable the new features of the v0.15 in case of bugs/exploit.

    When can we expect a fix update for the diff, to adjust the block time to 1 min?

    We are working on a new diff algorithm made especially for POSync, it will be activated on the 850k fork.

    🔹 Development and project general questions and updates / Marketing and project management related questions / Listings and partnerships questions🔹

    How about new exchanges?

    Unfortunately, we have no news from the exchanges.

    What about releasing some educational videos about Projects Districts?

    The first video will be about the POSync, an animated series will follow to educate viewers about other features.

    I think the demo video you released about the shop experience in the Districts world quite some time ago was amazing and also think a serie of videos like that could be a great way to showcase what the project can do and what kind of experiences it is possible to build on it. Are you planning other inside views video like that in the future while you develop?
    (Note: The question refers to the VR DEMO VIDEO released on YouTube in October 2018 and available at the following link )

    The next video of Districts will be a demo of how users will use the platform, a complete guide on how to connect/create dapps, it will take some time, but it will be worth it.

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