AMA log (08 November 2019)

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    Weekly AMA with Zine Laabidine Rezig, CEO, founder, software architect and lead developer of 3DCoin / Project Districts, held on Friday 08 November 2019.

    This is a weekly AMA, so every week, every Friday, unless exceptional cases that will be communicated in advance, or unexpected events, an AMA will take place in our official international/english Telegram group.

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    ℹ️ Please note❗
    Some questions and answers could be selected and partly reworked and listed in different order or grouped by topic for editorial reasons and in general for better readability and usability, in short, an editorial cut is given but without the intention of distorting the meaning and the content.
    Some questions are transversal to the various main topics so they have been grouped under a topic that has been considered suitable but could also be read in reference to other topics.
    For what concerns any upcoming / future partnerships, in some cases any anticipations discussed in the chat during the AMA that mentions possible names of other parties/entities (for example, other companies or exchanges) awaiting official announcements could be left out of the log as it is to be considered an informal discussion in chat and therefore could be deemed necessary to leave them to the informality of a chat. This is therefore established on a case by case basis for each AMA log.
    The main purpose of this log is to provide users with all the technical topics discussed in order to have any answers to technical and operational issues at hand, so the rest of the topics not strictly related to technical / operational questions may not find space in this log at the discretion of the content editor.
    However, the entire original AMA can be viewed in full, starting from the following message in the official Telegram group:

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    As happened for the previous AMA, this time too during the previous days the users of the Telegram group had the chance to post their questions in advance, so a list of questions was prepared to be answered at the beginning of the AMA. Then of course further questions were asked live during the AMA.
    The list of questions collected before the AMA is available at this direct link in our Telegram group:

    πŸ”΅ Brief overview of the topics of this AMA πŸ”΅

    During this AMA, technical questions were discussed as usual, in particular "diff retarget", new upcoming update/patch in view of the upcoming fork programmed at the 850k block height and nodes sync issues.
    With regard to marketing initiatives and various partnerships, we discussed in particular the announced initiatives concerning the presence of 3DCoin in a future episode of "Behind The Scenes With Host Laurence Fishburne" series and the collaboration of 3DC team with the well-known development team "Appinventiv" but there was also talk of government agreements for the OTC-type exchange that will be incorporated into the 3DCoin lightwallet in the future as already mentioned in the previous AMAs.

    πŸ”· AMA's Questions and answers πŸ”·

    πŸ”Ή Questions and answers related to the upcoming 3DCoin fork/update, Masternodes and Proof Of Sync consensusπŸ”Ή

    If I get one payment between 800k-850k blocks and I shut the node down afterwards and put I back up just before the 850k, it is legit?

    You can, but if the diff retarget patch will remove all nodes with NEW_START_REQUIRED status from the list.

    For further details about this question related to masternodes requirements see the following reference links:
    πŸ“ πŸ“ AMA log of 1 November 2019, in particular the first three questions and answers of the AMA of November 1, 2019
    πŸ“Œ πŸ”” Reminder for Masternodes operators published in this forum November 9, 2019 when the 800k block is reached

    How is the algorithm fix coming along?

    The patch will available before block 810k including the full update, all in one update.

    Can anything be done from developers side to optimize mn/wallet syncing, particularly in the status of "MASTERNODE_SYNC_MNW"?

    The best way is to remove mncache.dat, mnpayments.dat files and let the masternode build a new list.

    πŸ”Έ πŸ”Έ πŸ”Έ πŸ”Έ πŸ”Έ πŸ”Έ

    πŸ”Ή Development and project general questions and updates / Marketing and project management related questions / Listings and partnerships questionsπŸ”Ή

    When does the "Laurence Fishburne" episode with 3DCoin is going to air? Did it already air?
    ℹ️ Note: The question refers to an episode in preparation of the TV series / educational videos "Behind The Scenes With Host Laurence Fishburne" which will be dedicated to cryptocurrencies and for which 3DCoin was chosen.

    They are working on the script and research, we are helping with that, we expect the filming by January 2020.

    The commercial will be freely distributed content for us to also use or? I'm assuming yes but unsure when it comes to TV networks.

    Yes, we have the rights to distribute the contents in commercial use.

    When does the dev company (forgot the name) going to start working with you guys?
    ℹ️ Note: The question refers to a collaboration with a technology partner, a famous development team "Appinventiv" that will help the team in particular on mobile / web development.

    We are preparing the tasks for the Appinventiv team, they will start after the next fork.

    Aside from traditional exchanges, has the team got any plans for money remittance services for 3DC/cash?

    Yes, we made a serious progress in that matter, we collected the agreement from the government to start a an OTC exchange like "Local Bitcoin" for 3DC and other tokens.

    So the agreement is for Blockchain LLC to host the OTC exchange with other tokens, or with 3DC to list on it?

    All tokens, not just 3DC.

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