Foveated Tech - VR Visual and Performance Enhancement


    Released today was an article by CNET about a new adaption to VR technology, you can read about it here >

    To me this sounds like a hardware upgrade for the headset itself, so I'm not sure if this requires any consideration on the development side of virtual environments themselves. The technology uses infrared sensors to track the users eye movements, then renders the virtual world to both blur and focus where the focal point is. Below is an example of Foveated Rendering Tech focusing on the wall clock;

    Key points to consider;

    1. Computer resource power can be reduced by half - or redirected to focus points via eye tracking.
    2. Infrared eye tracking can also be utilised in functionality i.e. "Aiming with your eye movement instead of a controller"
    3. Human-eye focal space is roughly a 55 degree arch, so this does not reduce the visual experience as the rendering happens outside of your focal point.
    4. Will be applied to VR-tech within the next two years.

    Thanks for your time reading, certainly this technology will keep evolving for the better - as always the future looks bright for Project Districts and VR Tech 😄

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    great find....this is the goal of a healty community...

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