AMAs recap (November 2019)

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    “Weekly AMAs” RECAPS: November 2019

    Published today on Medium the "3DCoin / Project Districts weekly AMAs November recap" with many important info: The upcoming planned fork, which as announced during the 1 November AMA was extended from the 800k block to the 850k block with more favorable conditions for everyone (block expected around mid-December at the current average of daily blocks and at current block time of about 1 minute), various details on Proof Of Sync, the 3DC first industry consensus protocol already active and based only on masternodes (no pow, no pos), the imminent activation of Primenodes layer for dapps and for Virtual Reality platform of Project Districts world powered by Unreal Engine 4 and managed by the upcoming layer of Primenodes and future layer of Pulsenodes under the supervision of the main layer of Masternodes. Detailed explanation also about the ratio limit of 1:30 (Primenode:Masternodes). Some info about the expected feature of the “tokens” (a kind of NFTs) that will represent “the ownership of the nodes” in the future, transferable via the 3DC wallet and combined with the innovative “smart scripts” with which 3DCoin will introduce interesting news also in the sector of “smart contracts”. But also marketing and partnership previews in the November AMAs.
    So, the triple layered blockchain of 3DCoin continues to take shape to host the dapps platform for VR, AR and immersive experiences of Districts Visual Studio (DVS).

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