AMA log (03 January 2020)

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    Weekly AMA with Zine Laabidine Rezig, CEO, founder, software architect and lead developer of 3DCoin / Project Districts, held on Friday 03 January 2020.

    This is a weekly AMA, so every week, every Friday, unless exceptional cases that will be communicated in advance, or unexpected events, an AMA will take place in our official international/english Telegram group.

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    🔵 Brief overview of the topics of this AMA 🔵

    The first AMA of 2020, started late but then took place regularly, mainly dealt with some technical details concerning the upcoming Primenodes and the various stages and expected times for the various releases/phases (already started) of the main v15 update, releases started in December 2019 in conjunction with the scheduled and successfully carried out fork of the block 850k. During the AMA some specific info was given on the role of Primenodes which will also serve as decentralized hosting services for websites and it was clarified that the documentation relating to the Primes is still being processed given the complexity of their functions (they will have many).
    It therefore promises to be a truly active and interesting start of the year in the name of 3DCoin Project Districts, whose full release as said in this AMA will hopefully be completed in 2020.

    🔷 AMA's Questions and answers 🔷

    So, Phase 2 of the v15 update will be till 875k block? And Phase 3 till 900k i assume? Whats next on the agenda?

    Yes, phase two will be released in a few days. We expect to complete the v15 updates in two months. The plan is to complete the 3DCoin and Districts by the end of 2020. 12 months of development/tests.

    You are going on the NA convention on the 15th, right? Are you going to speak there or to make connections?

    We had to change the schedule and focus on the updates to present 3DC as utility coin using the Primes hosting services for websites asap.

    After "phase two" the coins will be unlocked?

    After "phase 3 update" you can spend the collateral.

    ℹNote: The question and the answer refer to the upcoming feature of the "unlockable masternode collateral" (an absolute novelty introduced in the masternode sector by 3DCoin).

    This means that will be also the moment when we can create the "prime"?

    Exactly, phase 3 is the "primenode update".

    So, two months? More or less?
    And when you will add the document that explains everything about Primenodes and masternodes?
    Now on the second phase or on the last one?

    The documents will be uploaded on phase two.
    We added many new features to the Primes that requires a very detailed documentation.

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