NFT Masternode Token: new info and table published in the Wiki on Github

  • As anticipated in recent months, 3DCoin introduces the new concept and the simplification of "tokenization of the ownership of masternodes" (a kind of NFT, non-fungible token), meanwhile a table has been published in our Wiki which explains some details about the 3DC masternodes NFTs.
    Attention please: These are not "tiered nodes", because the collateral for new activations after 850k block height is the same (25k 3DC) and also the rewards are the same amount and furthermore we simultaneously introduce also the concept of "unlockable and temporary collateral" which will only serve as a kind of antispam (3DCoin has a first industry "nodes only" consensus protocol "Proof Of Sync" that does not require a locked collateral to guarantee the security of the network).

    Here is the info and the table about masternode NFTs, published in our Wiki on Github: